National Pie Day Jan 23rd, 2013 #ilovepie

January 23 is National Pie Day according to the American Pie Council. I wonder if other countries celebrate a pie day? I wonder if I could find a pie day in every month? Of course, March 14 is a pie day as is the 22nd of July. And be sure to put March 14 in the year 2015 on your calendar as a pie day because the date is most like the pi number:  3.1415926 – so let’s all be eating pie at 9:26 am that day to truly celebrate.


Today I will be making A Year of Pie‘s Rum Shoofly Buttered Rum Shoofly Mini and also Sour Cream Apple which I had hoped to make at Christmas but was just feeling lousy that week so I didn’t. It has been on my mind every since Jill posted about it. Sour Cream Apple

Happy Pie Day!



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13 thoughts on “National Pie Day Jan 23rd, 2013 #ilovepie

  1. Did I ever share with you my 6-month stint at Marie Callender’s??? I was a pie professional. Yep. Gluten Free pies suck though. I’ve made many and always hope for the best but they truly suck so I am often without pie.

    1. No! You’ve not told me! Awesome. I knew I liked you.
      I have made only two GF pies and the first was really pretty good. The second time I attempted the same recipe, the crust just shrunk and didn’t hold up. Not sure what happened but I will try more and The Year of PIes has quite a few recipes. One of my besties is GF.

    1. Funny. I couldn’t get it to play but figured it out. We know a very very long joke about pie but it needs to be told by the one person who is really good at telling it. By which I mean NOT me.

    1. Oh dear. I have a hard time answering this. I don’t really have a perfect pie crust. I’m not consistent. I don’t practice crusts enough or switch up the recipes and methods so I am not really qualified to be a pie teacher. The secret is COLD, light touch and just don’t worry about ‘perfect’. Or just go ahead and ‘cheat’: use the pre-made roll up kind – I think it is fine. I do not however ever ever ever rec the frozen crust already in the aluminum pie tins.

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