Even MORE WiaN6!

This is truly my favorite challenge. WIaN6  (The latest post on this challenge was 11/24/12.)

I just love to pour over the books that I own and are sitting on the shelves patiently waiting for me to read. If you are a long time reader of my blog, you might know that most of the books that sit on my shelves are books I have yet to read. I mostly give away books already read.

And with me having the upcoming book club choice, I am pouring over all the books I want need to read this year!

So here’s what I got (for the WiaN6 challenge NOT book club – that is a SECRET (unless you want to tweet at me to tell: @BkClubCare)):


For UP/DOWN: I own the paperback of Up In the Air by Walter Kirn. I’ve already seen the movie. So Jeanne – should I? Dare I? but I also have Although of Course You End UP Becoming Yourself by DAvid Lipsky (about David Foster Wallace and I intend to read/listen to Infinite Jest this year…)

KITCHEN: I bought Kitchen Confidential for my husband because he is ALL a FoodNetwork junkie, a home-chef-wannabe, and a Bourdain fan. I can’t wait to read this. I have worked my share of years in the Restaurant biz.

For the PARTY category:  How about a book titled EAT CAKE? Surely that conjures up a party theme, yes? I do not seem to own any other books that have the word ‘party’ in it so this will have to do.

For EMOTION – let me offer Wally Lamb’s She’s Come Undone. I admit, I think of Trish (aka HEY LADY! and TLC Book Tours? one of my very first book blogger buds who has gone on to be a major influence on the world of Book-Bloggin, imo) every time I look at this book or read the title or even hear of Wally Lamb, I think of Trish. Coming ‘undone’ sounds rather emotional, don’t you think? Please vote in your comments.

Or… Another Trish who has been an amazingly fun influence on my reading of late who sent me (cuz I apparently WON) a copy of Maman’s HOMESICK Pie.  I craved this book because it had PIE in the title. I really need to read this. Homesickness is an emotion like none other.

Which brings us to:

the MISSING/LOST category: I own Stewart O’Nan’s Songs for the Missing and I have been wanting to read O’Nan for what seems like decades but that is like saying one year of a dog’s life is 7 human years. So for the 5 years of blogging, I have had O’Nan* on my tbr FOREVER. For that, I blame another TLCer:  Lisa.  She was my first blog comment. Would love to meet her but it seems it is cold in California right now and besides, she has teenage daughters who keep her wary and engaged on the parental front of duty. It was almost 60 degrees in Massachusetts yesterday. Weather is whacky.


You notice I have not yet mentioned the FIRE category?

Here’s where I offer THE OFFER:

If you would like a heavily post-it noted copy of FIRE SEASON by Philip Connors for your very own, to read for the FIRE category of the What’s-In-a-Name-Challenge-6 ,that was given to me by Nancy (the original post-it-noter) and read by me and given 5 stars, PLEASE comment something witty about fire and/or why you want.

DEADLINE to win FIRE SEASON is comment by THURSDAY, Jan 24!!!!

Also, if you have awesome suggestion in any other category, pls so let me know.  x0x0x0x0x

Happy Reading!

* O’Nan has written a book with the word LOBSTER in the title. So has David Foster Wallace. Coincidence? or sign from the universe…


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33 thoughts on “Even MORE WiaN6!

  1. What have you got to lose if you’ve already seen the movie? Either the book will add something and you’ll enjoy it, or you already know the story and you can put the book down if you find, after a couple of chapters, that it adds nothing.

    The only problem with having read Infinite Jest is that you want to share it with everyone when most of them will think you’re being pretentious and even the few over-educated people you know won’t get it when someone (as happened to me last weekend) mentions Quebecois separatism and a bubble over a tennis court in the same conversation and you bring it up.

  2. I suck at challenges. I’m with Kailana. Looks like fun, though. I LOVED Maman’s Homesick Pie! Great book! Huz has read Kitchen Confidential and enjoyed it. He and your D. would get along great, I think. And, I have a copy of Eat Cake. Might try to do that one with you? Warn me when you’re about to read it and I’ll see if I can read along.

    Happy Challenge Reading!

    1. You have a copy of EAT CAKE? I bet it won’t take us very long. Let’s check in with each other in March because I have a pile stacking for Feb already: Light Between Oceans, Packing for Mars and The Shining up next. Plus what ever my club picks.

      1. Okie doke. I’ve put my copy of Eat Cake on my “read it soon” pile in the library. We’ll talk closer to March. Can’t wait to hear what you think of Light Between Oceans. I’m curious about that one. Haven’t heard of Packing for Mars, so I’ll dash off to look that up.

  3. My husband and I both read Kitchen Confidential a few years ago and we both enjoyed the heck out of it. I haven’t tackled Wally Lamb yet, so I’ll wait to get the green or red light from you on She’s Come Undone!

  4. Bleak House was amazingly fun??? Though I do admit that it was much more fun reading it with you than alone. Much like The Shining will be!!

    Yes, homesickness is very much an emotion. And I hope you like the Pie book! 🙂

    1. Thank you. 😀 (where in this post did I mention Bleak House? and yes, I thought the readalong part fun-tastic. But it is already fading fading in my mind – though I still have the last half of the miniseries to watch.)

    1. I can’t quite figure out why this one challenge is the only one I accept anymore. Probably because it gets me excited about books I already own, gives me a purpose. I own way too many unread books, for sure.

  5. Oooh, Fire Season sounds AMAZINGLY good! Count me in 😀 I love this challenge, but I’ve sworn off most challenges this year 😦 Maybe I’ll unoficially participate though!

  6. I have to be witty? Dang, I suck at witty. 😦 But I do have a reason why I want this for the fire category! Because the only book I have that fits the fire category sounds horribly depressing (good, but depressing)…but Fire Season sounds not only good, but also not so depressing. As much as I like my alone time, I wonder if 6 months alone time would be pushing it for me?

    Anyway, I love your PARTY category choice! Would be even better if it was Eat Pie though, wouldn’t it? I have found nothing in this house that fits this category. Oooooh, but I should check Annie’s shelves–teenage girl is bound to have party books, right?

    Btw, definitely a sign of the universe–coincidences just don’t come *that* big.

  7. I haven’t signed up yet, but I think this is the one challenge I’m actually going to do this year. Reading your post makes choosing the books sound like such fun! Although I like Candace’s and Kathy’s method, too, of going over books read sometime in November to see what they’ve read in the year that fits. You know, whenever I see the word PIE in a book title, I will always think of you. And that is the way it should be.

  8. Also, Although You End Up Becoming Yourself is wonderful–I read it right before I read Infinite Jest for the first time two years ago. And Infinite Jest is SO GREAT. I don’t care if people think I’m pretentious for loving it. It’s not a pretentious book at all.

    (I also have a HUGE crush on DFW, though, so…)

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