Making Piece

Thoughts mpbybh Making Piece: a memoir of love, loss and pie by Beth M. Howard, Harlequin 2012, 310 pages, Hardback, includes pie recipes

I was on a plane when I first found out about Beth Howard. She must have been featured in the Southwest Airlines magazine. I was reminded again of Beth Howard and her pie book when no less than 3 friends snail-mailed me the ripped out pages of the article from Real Simple about Beth Howard and her pie book. My husband also saw mention of Beth Howard and her pie book in a newspaper article he saw while traveling for work. I’m thinking another friend might have emailed me about Beth Howard and her book about pie after seeing a newspaper clip. It was destiny. The universe wanted me to read this book.

Finally, I asked for it for Christmas and Santa delivered. (Why did I wait that long? I dunno. Some things should be allowed to come to you in the right time.)

Of course, I would love this book. The fear was knowing that I *should* love this book, but would I really and truly?

I did.

But the question I might ask is, “WILL YOU?” If you like memoirs, appreciate humor and love and baked goods, recognize fine writing, and love pie, the answer is likely YES. But you’ll have to get your own book. I’m keeping this one.


RATING: Five slices of apple pie. The kind of apple pie I prefer to have a true pie baker bake rather than me make (I need more practice.) The kind of apple pie that is heaped tall and full of apples and the perfect balance of sugar and cinnamon, served warm with a huge scoop of the best vanilla ice cream.

“Beth Howard describes with warmth and wit how the bitter events in life are set off by the sweet ones – much like a the ingredients of a good recipe. Making Piece is a moving account of love and loss.” -Jeannette Walls

IMG_0846Scrumptious Apple Pie from Christmas Dinner 2012, baked by my friend Lisa


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16 thoughts on “Making Piece

  1. What a perfect book for you! I love the play on words in the title. I’ve never heard of Beth Howard, but clearly that is my fault, not hers. Perhaps when I conquer my fear of making pie crust, I’ll check this book out!

  2. “Of course, I would love this book. The fear was knowing that I *should* love this book, but would I really and truly?”<—I totally get what you're saying. It's almost like the book was written for you, and that's just waaaaaay too much pressure to put on any book. It's almost like it's destined to fail. I'm just so glad it didn't!!! 😀

  3. I’d forgotten about this book so thanks for the reminder. Several months ago I was driving near my home and I saw the author’s camper (trailer?) – there was a sign on the back about the book. She was in town for an author visit at a local indie. I wasn’t able to make the visit but I’ll be sure to read the book now.

    1. Do you live in Iowa? She has taken some big treks around the country in her rig. She was just in Newtown CT baking pies to share with the community which I so admire her gumption to just go and do. I really liked her story. I can’t wait to try the recipes – it’s just that I am running out of people to force pie onto, if that can be imagined. I need more pie-worthy friends – ha!

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