Randomology Today

Tuesday Tidbits…

Greetings this 8th day of 2013. I do have a review to write but don’t yet feel like it. Thought I would just let my fingers dance on the keyboard and spit out random things to chat about.

Like what is up with Barnes and Noble? I went there today because I was in the area to take a test (tell more in a bit) and thought I would buy myself The Light Between Oceans by ML Stedman and then share it with my friend Holly because I’m pretty sure she will like it, too. The place seemed disorganized or, rather, not organized to my liking. Where is the Fiction section? Oh, there it is. S… Danielle Steele… OK back up, S-T-E-D. Nothing. I couldn’t find it. Then I couldn’t find anyone to ask about it. Then I remembered that I could/should go to the local indie bookstore that I love and wasn’t too far away. Then I saw a box of Christmas cards marked down to $5 and thought I would buy. But they only had one clerk working. And I have been in a very impatient mood this year. I waited impatiently. Then I decided to put the box of cards back on the table and walk out. At the same time, another clerk joined the cashiers. Sigh.

So I drove over to the new location of my favorite Indie store and unfortunately, it is now even farther out of my way and the parking is in back and the place doesn’t have that same inviting feel (and smell) and I was getting grumpy. I wait in line as the guy in front of me bantered jovially and I peruse the tempting shelf of books nearby. Finally, I ask if they have Light Between Oceans and the answer is no. So I say no to the question of whether or not they could order it for me because it is such a drive out of my way and I was grumpy. I know full well they are likely trying to implement cost-saving measures to continue to exist as an Indie bookstore and that made me feel guilty.

But I know I will just download it and eBook it and be bad. Sad.

A group of lovely ladies I work with on charity missions has started a book club and they have chosen The Light Between Oceans as the first book. I have to read it by February 10.

In the afternoon, I went to see Les Miserables.

Oh! My test!! Even after the not-quite-long-term (which means I got regular pay not the long-term pay) substitute teaching gig that concluded last Friday, I am still embarking on the path to get my teaching certificate! Today was Step One. Step One is to take the Communications test to see if I can comprehend the English language. It was multiple choice and a few writing tasks. I think I passed but I was not at all worried about it. Rather had a nonchalant and cavalier attitude about it, actually. Which could mean I totally flubbed it like a stupid idiot. Don’t worry, I attempted a proper tone and used complete sentences. Step Two will be to take a specialty exam. I haven’t yet decided on what that specialty should be.

ambivalent |amˈbivələnt| adjective – having mixed feelings or contradictory ideas about something or someone : some loved her, some hated her, few were ambivalent about her  | an ambivalent attitude to terrorism.
DERIVATIVES ambivalence noun ambivalently adverb ORIGIN early 20th cent.: from ambivalence (from German Ambivalenz), on the pattern of equivalent.

I enjoyed Les Miz. I cried right away during Anne Hathaway’s scenes. But I really didn’t get as swept away as I had hoped. This book was my FAVORITE teen crush read when I was in High School. I remember just sobbing; trying to read through tear-bloated eyeballs. I love sobbing to moving heart-wrenching books.

Back to today…

From the cinema, I went to my favorite coffee house and drank something hot with mocha and whipped cream. Read my Bookies club read of The Memory Thief by Emily Colin. I’m not liking where it is headed but I’m in too far and must see it to its conclusion. Will Maddie find love again? Will it be with the blue-eyed stranger or the dead husband’s hot best friend? Whatever… (I hate when a book brings out my picky booksnob snark; SO annoying.)

What is wrong with me?  Is it because I have failed to think upon the “New Year Resolution”?  Not to whine? To think positive, to drink less, exercise more, be here now, throw out crap in the house I don’t need, find a job, this and that, etc and then some. I dunno.

I think I might still have the flu. My advice to you is to NOT get the flu. It never leaves.

I had other things I wanted to chat about but this has taken a bad turn and I think I will go back to Maddie/Aiden/J.C./Nicholas. (It’s not that bad – everyone else is loving it – but it aint no Great Gatsby narrated by Tim Robbins, I’ll grant you that.)

LAST BOOK READ:  Making Piece by Beth Howard. (How pie helped her grieve for her dead husband.)
LAST PIE CREATED: Orange Curd with Almond Crust (wasn’t impressed.)
CURRENT BOOK: The Memory Thief (also about grieving for a dead husband)
CURRENT LISTEN: The Great Gatsby (just picked up the accompanying print copy to read along and highlight awesome passages.)
NEXT BOOK: Beloved for the Long-Awaited Reads Challenge Month hosted by Ana and Iris.
NEXT AUDIO: either Ready Player One or Rob Lowe’s Stories I Only Tell My Friends.
NEXT PIE: Chocolate, Coffee, Orange Marmalade Tart

What are YOU up to these days?


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23 thoughts on “Randomology Today

  1. What a fun post! I have no idea where to start. Um . . . Barnes & Noble. I hate our B & N since they moved locations, so I just don’t go there. Hope it’s not going the way of Borders, though.

    I haven’t been to the indie in our *new* town, although I now follow them of FB and we’ve driven by. Looks like a cute store and they seem to have a lot of old titles (used), so I have a feeling the owner goes to estate sales and I’ll bet she has to order like the indie in our *former* town, which has hardly any stock and mostly popular stuff that I tend not to read. I still hate e-books and have decided not to download any till I’ve read the ones I’ve got. So, 10 years from now, I’ll start buying those, again.

    I’ve become weary of love triangles. The last book I finished . . . no, the one before that, actually . . . had a dead wife, but no romance. It was all about whether or not it was right to keep the wife on life support to try to save her baby (The Promise of Stardust by Priscille Sibley). I liked it a lot, but it did make me cry a bit.

    I loved Les Mis. It’s fairly faithful to the play — not entirely. They cut a few things out and added a song, changed some words. But, it was as close as a movie can get, I guess.

    I could go for a hot, fluffy mocha-type drink. I’m drinking vanilla-cinnamon something-something tea from Trader Joe’s, at the moment. It’s so good.

    Have you gotten a springform pan, yet? I saw a comment about that, somewhere. I was almost as shocked as I was when I found out you didn’t have pie weights. Did you get any for Christmas?

    1. I was thinking I would just go buy a springform but then I saw what the latest govt hits to take home pay did to my extra spending money. (I *really* must get that job, now.)

  2. Coffee tart??? Can I come over? I promise I will bring books (but not Light Between Oceans as I don’t have, even though I have come this close to buying it many a time).
    So how did the teaching gig turn out? Was it good/tolerable/abyssmal/none of the above.

  3. The Barnes by me has been the same way. I don’t think they’ve recovered from Christmas yet. Plus, them not having one of the best books of 2012 would piss me off too. It was probably on the new and notable shelf.

    You are gonna love it though. It will be worth it.

    Soon it will be time for shineon.

    Pretty spoon, we’ll

  4. florinda3rs

    You can’t go wrong with either of those two options for your next audio–I liked both a lot, but I’d give a very slight edge to Rob Lowe.

    1. Very distracting, right? 😀 Thanks for the complement. I now have two reviews to write but sometimes it is freeing and helpful to write these random posts instead.

  5. Ruthiella

    Great post! I love how you just put it all out there. Will only comment on, however, B&N. I hate them. I loved, LOVED, LOVED Borders, which certainly colors my view. However, I have rarely found anything in B&N that I want (possible because I don’t read Danielle Steele, etc.); B&N doesn’t have the computers to look stuff up yourself; and generally, they just suck (IMO). No Indie bookstores near enough for me to drive (I would not brave So Cal freeways for a free book even), but I often order from Powells in Oregon to make of for the lack of a physical indie book store.

    P.S. Ready Player One was awesome and I hear that Wil Wheaton did an excellent job narrating it.

    1. Been ‘Puttin’-it-out-there’ since 2007 already. wow. It just feels safe here on my blog. or at least compared to elsewhere. Not sure why exactly.
      I downloaded RPO and will begin tomorrow. Tonight will be to start over on Beloved and JUST DO IT.

  6. Sounds like you’re in a funk, my dear. 😦 I’m hoping it’s just those dastardly flu remnants and that you’ll be back to feeling like yourself soon! Not because I don’t love you even when you’re in a funk, of course, but just because I want the woman who brings so much joy to others to be feeling that joy herself!!!

    Btw, I can’t believe the orange curd with almond crust wasn’t a winner–it sounds so freakin’ amazing!

    1. It was just too much sweet. Maybe a dollop of curd on an almond shortbread cookie would be better. I scraped off all the curd and put it into a jar and it has been excellent on toast. 🙂

  7. That stinks that you struck out at the bookstores … they need to up their game if they don’t want us to just download books!!! And I’m sure you’ll ace the test. I should probably do a random post. I’m now realizing that clearing up my giant backlog of reviews left me with no material and I’m taking FOREVER to finish the first books of the new year. I got nothing!

    1. I’ve read 3 books already! and need to write the reviews. I think I can’t get away with writing mini-reviews because two were terrific and the other was for book club.

  8. Oh dear! I hope you don’t have the flu! I have been given to understand that this is going to be an unpleasant flu season for all. I hope that if I am exposed to any varieties of the flu they will be varieties contained in the vaccine I very responsibly got myself in October, so that I escape illness. Ugh. Flu.

    1. I either had a bad cold or the flu but I’m better now. Good for you for getting the shot. I didn’t. My hub did and he seems to have survived hanging out with me. Thanks for worrying about me. 🙂

  9. I had a similar issue with B&N this weekend! I was looking for THE NIGHT CIRCUS. They did not have it shelved in fiction (because why oh why would they do that!?). No one was around to ask, and I was late to something. I hung around for a minute, spotted and shanghaied an employee who looked it up and said that they had four copies that should be located on this table over here. But they weren’t there. To their credit, two employees took up the search, but I’m wait less and less patiently, as I get to be later and later to my party, they still can’t find it. So I left empty-handed. Grrr…

    I don’t think you’re bad for trying the indie and not ordering it from them. You tried. Points for that.

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