The Gargoyle

Thoughts tgbyad The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson, doubleday 2008, 468 pages, Hardback

Loaned to me from a friend – took me 6 months to get to it.

FIRST SENTENCE: “Accidents ambush the unsuspecting, often violently, just like love.” 

WHAT’s it ABOUT: As an unnamed narrator endures the long process of healing from a fiery car crash, he meets a fascinating woman who tells him they were married in the 14th century. He is at first amused and skeptical but thoroughly succumbs to her charms.

WHAT’s GOOD: I was hooked from the start and it never let up. I loved the many stories within the story and enjoyed the piecing together of the plot. The characters were fascinating if a touch unbelievable but I never took the time to question if they were likable or not. And if you like descriptions of food, this book might have you craving exotic picnics.

WHAT’s NOT so good: What some cite as atrocious, I found comedic. Certainly some sentences’ alliteration and simile defy typical ‘good writing’ but in context with the character and the storyline, they made me laugh. It worked.

“When I finally was able to let go of the cliff’s wall, my fingers remained curled like the pincers of a frightened lobster.” -p.391


Going in, I thought this book would be scary and dark. Not so. I was pleasantly surprised at the theme of the power of love. Interesting religious elements are dropped in as it references Dante’s Inferno; I have not read that but know enough of it to ‘get’ the references. I really enjoyed the stories inside the story and the many settings. Despite feeling like I *should* question and doubt the premise, I didn’t, I don’t now and must admit, I really really liked it. I don’t know why I am apologizing for it. I couldn’t find any of my blogger friends who DIDN’T like it.

FINAL THOUGHTS: I can see how this book might be one of those LOVE-IT-or-HATE-IT kind but I thought it fascinating, unique and very entertaining. A satisfying read.

RATING:  Four slices of pie. fourpie

REVIEWS:  The first review I read when I started to see what to post for “Other Reviews” and BY FAR the most entertaining! (even the author contributed) –> Literate Housewife’s reaction to EW (2008),

Leeswammes says “an interesting story, with a good mix of contemporary fiction and historical fiction.”,

Erika (aka “She”) at A Book Blog. Period. says it is engrossing and compelling. I agreed with every sentence of her post.

I liked Fyrefly’s haiku for this novel! She has insightful comments to add about religion. and finally,

Fyrefly’s Google Search Results for this title/author.





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33 thoughts on “The Gargoyle

  1. I really liked the stories within the story but damn I got so tired of references to the fact that the narrator had that missing body part. All right, I get it – I got it the first time.

    1. I have a few books that I go back and forth on. I remember wanting to read this and it was on my tbr but with so many books – we just can’t get to them all!

  2. I read this quite some time ago and enjoyed it as well. I just take books for what they are most of the time anyway, so I didn’t read as much into it as others. I do remember feeling sorry for the characters.
    I just liked everything about it!

  3. This is one of those books that I remember *everyone* reading, back in the day–in fact, I couldn’t even remember if I’d actually read it, or just read so much about it that it felt like I had. Thank heavens for book blogging–I searched my blog and found out that indeed I did read it, and mostly liked it. I don’t remember much about it, though, even after reading my mini-review.

    1. Aint that just another case of ‘there you have it’? Thank goodness for blogging, huh? I love keeping track of what I’ve read. In case i don’t remember!

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