A Mango-Shaped Space

Thoughts  amssbywm A Mango-Shaped Space by Wendy Moss, LittleBrown&Company 2003, 218 pages

A BOOKIES Book Club Book.

Well. I really did love this book as much as I realized that I was not quite the target audience for it. It is written and appropriate (I assume?) for a middle school aged reader.

A young girl, a middle-child, is diagnosed with SYNESTHESIA after managing to hide it from her family and teachers for many years. Once realizing that she is not alone with this condition, she embraces it and feels special rather than ‘odd’. However, she tends to allow this new found discovery of her ‘specialness’ to take over her attentions to the detriment of her best friend, her family and her beloved cat, Mango.

It is a lovely story of self-discovery and growth. I thought the story was well-developed; the plot proceeded on cue – a problem, a discovery, conflict and resolution. Likable characters and a balanced emotional touch.

Three slices of pie. I’ve actually made a mango pie once. It was very similar to a peach pie in flavor and consistency.

Today is book club but a few members are calling in sick, the weather is frightfully windy but thankfully not snowstormy and so venue has been moved closer to home and lower in key. Should be a nice affair rather than our raucous and rowdy tradition. Too bad but better fitting my mood.

Happy Low-Key-Days-of-Thoughtful-Moments-Between-Christmas-and-New-Years-When-All-I-Want-To-Do-Is-Listen-to-Music-Count-Downs, Write-Goals-&-Affirmations, and Summarize-My-Year-of-Book-Reading!


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11 thoughts on “A Mango-Shaped Space

  1. Ooh, mango pie! I have never had a version of mango pie that is similar to peach pie – do we perhaps have different mango pie recipes? Interesting – mine includes cream cheese, mango pulp and some gelatin.

  2. I really have to get around to reading this book one day. Glad to hear you enjoyed it! Gray has synesthsia (he smells sounds). I also must find a mango pie recipe–the kiddos would love me forever!

    1. Well. Let me tell you. I took a peach double crust pie recipe and used mango. Mango from the frozen fruit section at the grocer. Worked awesome! I know, not classy.

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