Be Merry

Be Merry! Eat Pie!!

Thank you to all the wonderful bloggers who have sent me Christmas Greetings through snail mail and email and instagrams and tweets!  I am overwhelmed by how many people have thought of me and sent good wishes. Some have sent presents! Wow – I am very touched. I am blessed. Thank you so much! I wish for you all the joy and hope that comes with spending time with loved ones as we are apt to do this time of year and of course, at the changing to a new calendar.

I have been miserably amiss this year in sending out holiday cards – I know! Shocking, right? I have sent only a few and hope to send more; they just might be after the traditional Big Day of December 25.

Celebrate love no matter what ‘day’ it is, celebrate life every day.

Christmas Lobster from Debi
Christmas Lobster from Debi

Allow me to share another Christmas Lobster to help remind you that silliness is a good thing and laughter is the best. May you laugh today, tomorrow and on into the new year and beyond. Merry Christmas!


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20 thoughts on “Be Merry

  1. Merry Christmas, Care! I’ve just given up the idea that the cards will go out before the holiday – probably in the week after. I never do know why I don’t get started sooner!

    1. I’m usually the one who has the cool photo/letter planned in October so I’m sure I’ve got a few people wondering… But whatever, I will catch up with ‘them’ all sooner or later. 😀 Merry Christmas!

  2. Merry Christmas to you, Care! I often send my Christmas cards after Christmas – I think of it as extending the holiday and surprising people with some nice snail mail when they don’t expect it! I think it’s terrific that you love snail mail and letters since I’ve always enjoyed writing and sending letters and cards. In this day of techology, I tend to be along in my preference for correspondence so it’s nice to find a fellow believer! The holiday season seems to be the time when people send actual cards and letters in the mail.

    I missed reading Stephen King’s IT with you and the rest of the group but my computer gave up on me, replacing it and some health problems kept me off-line until this week. Hopefully I can join you in the New Year for a fun reading project.
    Much love and silliness to you and yours, Care! Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday season!

  3. Hope you had a fab Christmas. I am just now catching up with blog posts. The days have all become a bit of blur. Thanks for the card! My kids loved seeing the pups.

  4. I’m not quite on the ball with my Christmas greetings so I hope yours was very merry and I wish you all the best for the new year — including lots of yummy pies!

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