Pie Books

Merry Christmas!

The hub asked me to give him a short list of cheap things I might want for Christmas (since all the big expensive things that HE wants, he is willing to share.) I have a hard time coming up with things I want because I don’t need anything and I am quite content. I did mention that I could use some new blue socks that are not really navy but would look good with jeans and stay up; I hate when socks seem to try to slip off and you get them all collected under the arch of your foot causing the shoes to not stay on the feet and also allow a chill to sneak up the pant leg. Right?!) Or camisoles. I would like some nice camisoles and I need one more wrinkle-free button-up dress shirt. And I keep eyeing these baubles up for auction on e’ßay:

sparklylobsbracelet Available in a variety of colors! or this but it’s listed at $300: orthislobsterbrooch

But then I had the BRILLIANT idea that I could use some more PIE books!  Here are the ones I requested, in order:

1. makingpiece Making Piece by Beth Howard – I follow this author on Facebook and she seems so wonderful! Would love to take one of her classes, too. In fact, she isn’t too far from Omaha, I don’t think – we could have a book blogger pie baking retreat?

2. usofpbyakThis one just looks like fun.

3. ayofpbyae A Year Of…  This is one that when I found out about it, my husband demanded to know why I didn’t write it?  Uh oh.

And I still don’t have any pie weights. (I do keep dried beans for this purpose, though.)



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20 thoughts on “Pie Books

  1. Right! Who doesn’t need more pie books? Good luck getting the other stuff, but I bet he’ll go for the easy ideas that have exact ISBNs and no sizes or color choices to worry about!

  2. Every girl needs pie book.

    My husband is clueless. I could make a billboard of what I want, hand him a list of stores, print off a picture of it…and he would still get something else. He tries to be creative and that never works.

    1. I always try to take photos and share – still not as good as sharing an actual piece, tho. Hope you get some Christmas Pie in your debaucherous time at home with Mumsy!

  3. I really don’t need anything, either. I’m happy. Pie books are definitely a no-fail Carrie item. And, lobsters. Socks crunched up in shoes are the misery. I’ve had good luck with Van Heusen socks and they’re often very cute.

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