It’s Shirley Jackson Week

If you are a fan of Shirley Jackson, you can jump in on any of the day’s discussions this week in celebration of her contribution to the literary arts. Just click on her photo to jump to Citizen Reader’s Book Menage:


And/or read my reviews:

Life Among the Savages

We Have Always Lived in the Castle

Judy Oppenheimer’s bio of Shirley Jackson: Private Demons


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5 thoughts on “It’s Shirley Jackson Week

  1. She is so wonderful. I wish she had written a thousand novels and I would own them all and give a hug to my matching set of her thousand novels every morning when I woke up. (Hm. That took a turn.)

  2. Aack, it’s late Saturday and I just saw this! I can’t believe I missed it. That’s what I get for being busy during the week and not finding time to get online. Thanks for writing about it anyway. I’m so happy to hear people are reading her and taking an interest in her too.

  3. Only here to leave the most trivial comment: the more one reads of Shirley Jackson the more her face exactly resembles her writing: bizarre.

    Which is not to say I don’t thoroughly enjoy it.

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