Going to Bleak House for the Holidays

Actually, I am hoping that I am on pace to finish Bleak House before December 25. I am on page 593 and am listening in the car on my way to and fro from the High School. And on the drive to my tutoring gig. And on errands. Like picking up the dogs from daycare.

So I have approximately 238 pages to go! I follow along with the book after listening so I know where I am and how the dialects are spelled. Jo’s words are especially hard to discern on the audio. Not blaming the excellent Simon Vance narration! Just that it is quite challenging and I’m much more a visual learner than auditory.

I hope to visit blogs more this weekend! Until then, see me occasionally on Twitter with hashtag #bleakalong. Toodles!



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8 thoughts on “Going to Bleak House for the Holidays

    1. It’s really good but of course, it IS Dickens (like I know what I’m talking about?) and so lots of characters, sly wit and some really funny minor characters. Lots going on and not sure how it will all have its dénouement. (See that? I’m showing off, huh?)

    1. SO great to see you today! Wishing you a lovely lovely rest of December and a super grand 2013! Hope to see you again before we have to find some book event to meet up at. Btw, I’m going to an author event in Boston on March 16.

  1. You are a rockstar. I’m failing miserably with the audio–sometimes I’ll listen to the chapter two times (NOT JOKING…SOMETIMES THREE) and then just read the blasted thing. I’m loving the book but it’s too much for my brain to listen to right now. But I keep hoping that it will click. Last I read I was around 425 so maybe I’m to 450 now.

    I love your lobster header! 🙂

    1. I’m just not caring when I think I miss something. I always think I will go find it (and the wonderfully written witty lines!) but I don’t most of the time. It WILL come together, I think.

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