Just Lettin’ You Know…

Starting a full-time “gots-to-be-somewhere” routine kind of job on an every day basis after almost 9 years is TOUGH.

I wake up thinking of things to say to teenagers. O.M.G. (make it stop!)

I have attempted a weekend of not thinking about it at all and now am sitting here, Sunday evening, planning tomorrow’s topic of discussion/instruction. And grading papers. And developing a grading TRACKING system!!* What is wrong with me? 

(The worst part is wondering if they are all tweeting my photo as {hashtagsymbol=#}+theawfulsubfromhell.)

And then sometimes. SOMETIMES!  I actually smile that they might be doing that.


SO, I’m thinking about trying an internet scavenger hunt. If anyone is still reading this far into the post and you know of such internet-scavenger-hunt concepts and ideas, would you let me know?  Thanks.

Happy First Week of December.

(Notice I am not exclamation-point-ing that sentiment.)



* Actually this is a good idea since I would like to teach some advanced Excel skills next week.


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19 thoughts on “Just Lettin’ You Know…

  1. Tumblr–and you’re only referred to obliquely as in “this is how I fool the sub I’m reading (photo of kid hiding a phone in a book cover). Is this an extended sub job or a “gots-to-be-somewhere” job for the longer run?

  2. Give them a week or two to adjust to the idea that the sub is actually going to make them learn something even if it kills her! (I get the impression that most kids see a sub and think “break time”.)

  3. Reaches out hand for you to hold. I was only in the classroom for a semester and I would wake up with a feeling of anxiety that I was to be in front of those students teaching them. You are an awesome lady Care and I know that each day will get easier.

    1. Part of me thinks I am not doing a good job if at least one kid doesn’t think this. Trust me, I have heard multiple “I hate this class” and they do mean the teacher.

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