Update and a Quote

Today’s goodreads.com quote is a good one for where I am right now:

“It isn’t what you have or who you are or where you are or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about it.” 
― Dale CarnegieHow to Win Friends and Influence People

Today is my first of 22 days of subbing for a HS computer teacher and I am a bit nervous. One, because the teacher is of a very low-key and non-structured style and two, I’m not sure which approach I will need to be a success. And I might not have any time to figure it out.

So, I am trying to think about being engaged and positive about the experience and hope that I can influence the students to take a curious and respectful approach to our projects in the days ahead.

That’s what I am up to; what are YOU doing?

Oh, and my post-every-day goal? I doubt I get it done. We’ll see.

Today is #givingTuesday, by the way.


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17 thoughts on “Update and a Quote

  1. Sharli

    You are going to do great! You will figure it out as it goes. HS kids are not as scary as they make themselves out to be. Keep us posted on how you’re doing.

    Me? I’m trying to hang on. Still trying to find work, Dad is still poorly after his accident and his leukemia is worsening. I am grateful to have a roof over my head and to have found out who my great friends and family members are. I am trying not to be around Christmas things … I know it’s not about presents and I couldn’t give a whip about me (never have, never will) but it’s my kids. Though they are older, I just hate that I have failed them.

    But as I say, roof over head and food in bellies for this month, so life is much better here than it is for so many in our world.

    That’s all that’s happening here.

    1. Sharli, so sorry to hear of your Dad’s leukemia; I have had loved ones suffer this disease. Wishing you a quiet holiday season that reminds us of the simple joys to cherish. Blessings.

      Yea, the kids CAN be scary. It’s the heartache that they can’t see the simple joys at all and it does make me worry about what they might suffer outside of school to make school so awful. I hope to reach them to please at least be respectful? sigh.

      1. Sharli

        Thanks Care. That’s what we are hoping for too. It’s been a heck of a year.

        You have such a great personality that I am sure you will be able to reach at least a few of those kids. When I was doing my volunteer work (and one stint as a paid community helper … dang you budget cuts) at the school, I always said it would be worth it if I could just help one of the kids. Now I was working with elementary age but I do have 1 teen and 3 adult children and I can tell you that there are respectful kids out there. Their friends are wonderful kids … Just keep caring and they will too 🙂

  2. Oh, you will be fine! At least you have 20+ days to get into a routine of sorts. I don’t know how subs can just slip in and out in a day or two. It seems like that would be harder to do.

    What am I up to? I am getting over the sinus infection from hell and realizing (slowly) that my reading goals have gone out the window and won’t be met by year end. Oh well. I read a book that stalled me if that makes any sense. I cannot write about it! And because I am a bit OCD I can’t write about any of the other books I’ve read since I read that one, so I am like 6 reviews behind.

    1. Sure, I will. I *hope* I don’t get it figured out just in time for it to end! (subbing one day at a time, the lesson plans are usually NICELY defined!)

      Hope you get over that sinus infection. Those suck. Do you need an interview to jump start that review? I can help?

  3. I think subbing is a scary profession … and a long-term sub like that has to be nerve-wracking. I’m sure you’ll do great though … and I’m sure you’ll get TONS of blog fodder. Worse case scenario? Just bring them pies!

  4. Just go with the flow…long term sub gigs can be stressful, especially with a holiday looming. In my my experience, the more you try to change up the routine from the regular teacher’s, the more resistant the kids will be.

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