[ fábbyəlist ]
  1. fable writer: a writer or reciter of fables
  2. liar: a teller of fanciful stories

  You all know about BOOK PAGE, yes? (Click on that cover image and you will open a window to the website.) I got my print copy from my favorite local library. In the WELL READ column, is an article by Robert Weibezahl about Kurt Vonnegut. Mr. Weibezahl says something about Mr. Vonnegut being ‘equal parts fabulist and satirist’ and I heard in my head, that Mr. Vonnegut is FABULOUS. Then I realized that wasn’t the word I read, but I also thought:

because I really hadn’t even contemplated the word ‘fabulist’. oh! FABLE – ist, a person who writes fables. Had to run (actually click & type) to look up  ‘fabulist’ and was struck again by the fact that I did not really know it as a word. Which had me wondering, what IS the base for FABULOUS?  (Should have been one of those word studier people…)


Guess I learned something today. Are you someone that spends inordinate or unusual time wondering about the origin of words? Me, too. Have you read Vonnegut? I did, a lot; in High School. I have plans to read Slaughterhouse Five again someday. Perhaps in 2013. Let me know if you want to do a read along.

The book that BOOK PAGE was chatting about is  Letters, edited by Dan WAkefield and published by Delacorte. I think I want to read this one, too. Because I love to write letters and because… it sounds fabulous. (Click on the book cover to go to goodreads.com)



  1. Extraordinary, esp. extraordinarily large.
  2. Amazingly good; wonderful.
fabled – mythical – fantastic – fantastical – legendary

From bing.com

Definition of fabulous (adj)

bing.com · Bing Dictionary

 [ fábbyələss ]
  1. amazing: amazingly or almost unbelievably great or impressive
  2. typical of fables: described in or typical of myths and legends
  3. excellent: extremely good, pleasant, or enjoyable

Urban Dictionary: fabulous


The ultimate expression of enthusiasm and joy. Characterized by wonder, adoration, inspiration, exhaltation, and love.

fabulous – definition of fabulous by the Free Online Dictionary 

fab·u·lous (f b y -l s). adj. 1. Barely credible; astonishing: the fabulous endurance of a marathon runner. 2. Extremely pleasing or successful: a fabulous vacation.


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12 thoughts on “Fabulist

  1. I love the word fabulist! But it’s hard to use in conversation because yes! It sounds like “fabulous”, and it’s an unusual enough word that people aren’t expecting to hear it and are expecting to hear “fabulous”. (Like “tarty”, an adjective I would love to employ but can’t because I’m American and it sounds like I’m saying “tardy”.)

    1. well, I think you can get away with saying Tar-ty with sharp t-ness to the second syllable, don’t you? It reminds me of the way people around here in New England say Taunton, a nearby town. I say if much differently with my midwestern “non-accent”.

      (ps – are you my comment angel?!)

  2. I love learning about the origin of words. In high school I took classes about Greek and Latin roots and for some years after I could really ferret out the meaning behind words I didn’t know based on that. Wish I could remember to words I learn and use them.

    1. I have only been a half-assed geek about word origins. I wonder and that is about as far as I get. I would have loved a class like this in college. I should go back to college… I wish I had gone so liberal arts.

  3. I used to pay more attention to word origins than I do now. In fact, I used to read the dictionary . . . nerd alert. LOVE Kurt Vonnegut. I read one of his books, earlier this year — a collection of stories that was published posthumously. And, I think Slaughterhouse Five is just crazy-brilliant. I can’t remember which other Vonnegut books I’ve read but I need to read more.

    1. I do not think I knew that you admired Vonnegut so. I think Cat’s Cradle is that one that really made an impression on me but I might have the story/title in my head mixed up. I’m thinking of the little bag lady that controlled the world – read that one?

  4. Hmmm…I do not know of Book Page, so I must click on your link and address this hole in my knowledge.

    I suck at read-along thingies, but I really want to read Slaughterhouse Five again! Actually, I really want to read many of his books again…

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