November Reading Plans

What was I saying about reading plans?! Here’s what’s in the works RIGHT NOW:

The Casual Vacancy on the iPad, This Is How You Lose Her on CD (in the car), Bleak House on the iPhone/Audible app for around the house + the library book, and three books by and about Shirley Jackson!  yikes, what was I thinking?

Don’t fret, I have nothing on the agenda for December…



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15 thoughts on “November Reading Plans

  1. I have to read 20 more books to make my goal this year. I don’t think it’s going to happen. Work really threw a wrench into it this time around.

    1. Oh well. No one is going to throw flaming darts at you if you don’t read those 20 books, are they?! I am scared to look at my MUST-READ bookshelf (which is in extreme disarray, anyway)

    1. I’ve been waiting for your review – I think mine will be short since I don’t have the text to refer to. It’s always tough to review a story collection.

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