Tuesdays Are For Wandering

I was just over at Aarti’s Book Lust blog reading through the posts I have missed (I don’t visit anyone every day since I gave up Google Reader) when she commented on how successful this year has been for her to read only what she wants to read when she wants to read it rather than get caught up in lists and challenges, etc. (Yikes! was that a long unwieldy sentence? Is ‘unwieldy’ a word?)

Of course, it got me thinking about how this year has been reading-wise for me. I am reading a bunch of big books. And not many that I even knew I wanted to read. (think: Stephen King, anyone?)

So, I would have to agree with Aarti that sometimes not having a plan is the BEST plan. And yet, this actually has to be a decision which thus makes it some kind of plan, afterall. Can you plan spontaneity? or only plan for prepping the right soil for the spontaneous seeds to sprout?

Isn’t spontaneity one of your favorite words? I like serendipity, too.

This random chain of thinking about blogging and reading and nonesuch propelled me to the thought of how awesome blogging is for me. And the other bloggers that make up my world. My virtual internet world of books and all things bookish and somethings not.

And how many of you have been truly influential. Aarti was one of my first prodders of re-reading. Well, I first admired and marveled at Jenny of Jenny’s Books but Aarti hosted the challenge. I did good on that one and I learned a little bit about myself. I like to re-read, I probably won’t do it often but have at least created a list of possibly re-reads for some future day. I do believe if you didn’t have the re-reading habit as a child, it is difficult to grasp the value of it as an adult. But you can say that about ANYTHING.

[Interesting side note that is likely most interesting to me and me alone: my neighbor told me how inspired and amazed she was by a little old lady in her 80s who asked her to teach her how to swim. Can you imagine? Being afraid of the water and then at the age of 80-something, you decide “What the hell – I will learn how to swim.” You GO Girl! My neighbor teaches swim lessons at the Y, if you didn’t figure that out…]

This whole post reminds me of Debi. One of the most joyful and loving and spunky bloggers who does 30 times what I do in a day and thinks she hasn’t done much. She’s amazing and she mails me the cutest cards and lovely little thoughts and I think she is all kinds of IMPORTANT. I value her not only for how she makes ME feel but knowing that she also has influenced quite a few other of us bloggers and I just think that is more than cool.

Which reminds me of Dewey. Could be that time of the year.

I have my group of bloggers that I call ‘my academics’. I feel smarter reading their posts, their book reviews with “wowza!” insights. Eva, Jeanne and LitLove fall into this category.

I love my readalong groupers! I can’t think of anything more wonderful about this year of reading as those troubadours who make me laugh and think and scream. Twitter would be nothing without you.

Well, have I wandered enough? Actually haven’t strayed too far off the path of my original idea of what to write about today:  bloggers I admire.

One more. I have a blogger friend who was such before I started this book blog and she now has a collection of poems available for purchase. I will be reviewing these soon. Her name is Moonbeam. Many have been encouraging her to put her literary writing and humor talents to a larger project than blogging for some years now so this is terribly exciting. I think she is wonderful: a big heart with mad writing skilz. Do check out her blog to see why I love her so:  www.MoonBeamMcQueen.com

I will be attempting to post over 50 times before the end of the year… You can expect more of these random whatnot posts because my goal is to start 2013 with my 1001th post. I’ve got 948 so far in my 5+ years of blogging. Feel free to give me some topics!


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14 thoughts on “Tuesdays Are For Wandering

  1. I love random posts so post away.

    My reading this year has pretty much been me, reading what I want to read, but right now I am feeling a bit blue. My reading has slowed down with this hellish work project/situation and it’s taken me away from regular reading and frankly, it’s a drag. I am too tired at the end of the day to read. I end up watching trashy TV or Brady Bunch reruns.

    I set a goal to read 80 books this year. I might not make it at this pace. I also told myself I had to read one Austen book as I’ve read none. Now, I am the one who is rambling. I need to stick and fork in it and just give up and go with whatever.

    1. No, no! I love it! Thanks for commenting in ramble-style. ;D
      I actually have surpassed my goal but I set it low, too. So… Now it’s just seeing how much I can get done in the next 7-8 weeks. Audiobooks DO help the count go up, I admit.

  2. I am pretty inspired by the old lady learning to swim story too! That’s amazing! And I’m also pleased that rereading is working out for you. I love rereading SO MUCH — I hardly feel I know a book if I’ve read it only once. Rereading is my very fave.

    1. Oh- I need to link to your blog! Will do that… Yes, you have such a different reading ‘approach’ than I do and that is why you are so very interesting. In a good way, of course. 🙂

  3. For 2013, I’m going to be less structured about what I read. I’m not going to join any challenges because I want to read according to my mood.

    I love the readalong group too. I’ve read some books that I wouldn’t have otherwise without them. I hope we continue to have them next year. It’s so fun!

    Good luck with getting to 1000 posts. You can do it, and I love random rambling ones so keep them coming.

    1. OK, no challenges but YES to readalongs! I will probably do the What’s in a Name challenge but it is flexible and usually inspires me to read off my shelf.

  4. I should learn how to swim, too! I used to know how, but don’t think I could actually swim the length of a pool if I had to, except doggy paddle, and the pool at the Y has windows all around the floor above and everybody can watch you “swimming”, so I never do.
    Love to read random, rambling blog posts, but am not good at writing them myself. I keep revising everything. I have failed miserably at my TBR Pile Challenge, only reading and reviewing 2 out of the proposed 12 that have been on my TBR pile for over a year.

    1. I have never been a swimmer of the correct style but I do not fear the water so I think I’m good. Of course, I always have lifejackets on the boat.
      I am so glad everyone is so positive about me writing random post rambles! I think it is actually one of my better talents. Which isn’t saying much, I suppose. NO EDITING! well, not really…

  5. Well I loved this post and loved what you had to say about Debi 🙂 How that woman thinks she gets nothing accomplished is WAY beyond me!!! I like sporadically reading too I just don’t do it that often :/ But I often find that the books that I love the most are the ones I read that I hadn’t planned! LOL

    1. I know! Debi is a dynamo!! I still don’t have any quick-to-mind answers when somebody asks me the best book I’ve read so far this year, but it IS a good year.

  6. aartichapati

    Thank you for linking to me and my post and then for also pinging me so that I KNEW you linked to me and my post 🙂

    I agree that deciding to read more spontaneously is a reading plan in some ways, but it is at least a less-structured one! I do still have general hazy goals – to read more women’s history, to read more POC, to delve more into non-fiction, etc. And honestly, I’ve read more this year than in any in my recent memory, and that’s while reading both Middlemarch and A Suitable Boy, both of which are massive. So I think it’s worked well for me. It will probably be a cycle, though, and in a few years I will get back onto a more structured plan. But for now, I’m flying by the seat of my pants!

    I also failed my own Flashback Challenge, coincidentally. But I’ve done much more re-reading this year, too (This year is AMAZING!), and it’s been fantastic 🙂

  7. aartichapati

    I also probably couldn’t name the best book I’ve read this year, though. I’ve read some great ones, but I don’t have a top 5 list in my mind.

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