Oscar Is A Surfer Dude

and Esther dances the Hula…

Photo courtesy of Powderly Meadows Doggie DayCare

Happy Halloween!


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16 thoughts on “Oscar Is A Surfer Dude

  1. Happy Halloween! Your pups are so patient! The Otter Pup would not put up with any of that. For sure! BTW..I sent you a card but it may be delayed with all the weather that hit.

  2. They are a very adorable tropical pair. We bought Lexi a halloween costume a few years ago (posted a Wordless Wednesday with picture recently) but the costume was too small so it looked like godzilla was eating Lexi so we returned it. 😦 Oscar and Esther look fantastic in their get-up.

    Happy Halloween!!

  3. Is that what your dogs were up to while you were at Boston Book Festival? I bet they were having so much fun they didn’t mind that you almost forgot to pick them up!

    1. Oh good! I won’t be able to get to the library until Monday but the books are waiting for me. (I screwed up and sent them to the wrong library… not a big deal but won’t be in that direction today)

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