The Gospel According to the Fix

Thoughts  The Gospel According to the Fix: An Insider’s Guide to a Less Than Holy World of Politics by Chris Cillizza, Broadway Books 2012, 213 pages

WHY did I read this?  Because Kim that Sophisticated Dork recommended it and I thought it might be a gentle nudge into exploring more into this November’s election.

WHAT’s it about? It’s actually about issues and how the various parties can be expected to react to these issues since all they really want is your vote. It explores the political process almost more than the actual party platforms. It was a bit less than I expected and yet almost hopeful in a ‘realistic’ non-fearful response to where the country is or might be going. I didn’t feel any fear or outrage or dismay – which is what I feel when someone mentions the word ‘politics’. “It is what it is.”  And that statement in itself makes me fearful about how really serious this crap is. or not?

So, yea. I’m still frustrated.

I have friends who react so fearfully to the idea of another Obama term that it frightens me. And I get emails from friends who equate Obama with the next Castro. I didn’t get ANY of that kind of hysteria from this book, which was a relief. But, I also don’t like a lot of the conservative religious nuttiness of the Republican party and how it feels like they want to criminilize just being a woman.

I have things I like about the Democrats and I have things I like about the Republicans. HUH – that makes me an INDY-PEN-DENT (think of the elf who wants to be an dentist in the Rudolph Christmas show.) And I think that all they (ie, candidates) really want is to just get the j-o-b and damn the consequences because, well-hell! The perks of being a Senator/President/Whatever just once are worth all the crap to get there?  I mean, really, who wouldn’t want to be a former Senator?!

So, I ‘get’ a lot of the book and enjoyed reading a lot of it – except I failed to find any passion to want to follow it like sports. That was what politics seems to be for the reporters?  like sports?  Really? *shakes head* I like sports – hmmmmm, another hugely financed crazy-crazy industry.

Heavy sigh.

(and I thought this post would be short.)

Let’s all vote Libertarian!!

OK, signing off. Anyone who wants this book, let me know in the comments. I will send it on. I thought I would look up the websites noted and haven’t yet so that shows my interest level is pretty low. And I bought this book. What is WRONG with me?!

May the best candidate win! and may that best candidate be the one who has the best interests of the country in mind and not his own best interest. No, wait – I want the candidate that has MY best interests at heart. Right?!

Oh, by the way; anyone have a couple of tens of millions of dollars to fund my Super PAC? because I need a job and running a PAC looks kind of cool.

READ KIM’s REVIEW!!!!!   by clicking here and the magic of the internet will take you there…


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11 thoughts on “The Gospel According to the Fix

    1. Actually, the Mass Senate race is interesting. The fix mentions one of the candidates as one to watch on the national scene and it wasn’t the one I expected.

  1. I love hearing your thoughts on this. This whole election year craziness is driving me nuts. People on both spectrums act like the various candidates are the Antichrist. To be honest, I suspect they’d do about the same type of job but some social issues would be different.

    1. The real tough issues that need addressed don’t have solutions that will win any election! It’s gonna hurt if we want to fix the debt and deficit.

    1. I get it. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂 I feel like I may have been too harsh but it really was interesting in a different-way-to-look-at-politics kind of way. But it didn’t change my interest level. I watched about 2 minutes of last night’s debate!

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