Banned Books Dueling #MonsterMash

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Something a little different from my usual THOUGHTS on a book and so I will combine my Banned Book post with the Dueling Monster Mashup.

Thoughts  American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis, Brilliance Audio (orig 1991), 10 hours

I only hope and assume that this book is not recommended reading for anyone under the age of 35. Even Stephen King has expressed reservations about this book being on the shelves of a middle school library. Not that I condone any books being banned but this one is extremely violent and X rated. NOT for the squeamish. But it also serves as a scathing indictment to consumerism and materialistic narcissism. Point is you make your own choice to read or not; you don’t get to choose that someone else doesn’t have that choice.

I did enjoy or rather credit Pablo Schreiber as an excellent narrator for the novel. I admit that I skipped over the middle half of the book. I only hope I did miss something but I don’t think so.

“Is evil something you are? or something you do? My pain is constant and sharp and I do not hope for a better world for anyone. In fact, I want my pain to be inflicted on others.”
– quote from character Bateman, ~83% in

For the other monster contender, I read  Red Dragon by Thomas Harris, Random House 1981, 455 pages, paperback.

I am voting / selecting / cheering for Monster Hannibal Lector in this duel and I will explain despite issues.

Issue #1 – I don’t think Red Dragon is really about Hannibal Lector since he is barely a supporting cast member in the crime drama.

Issue #2 – Red Dragon was rather procedural, almost a typical crime drama book. One more “weary-detective-pulled-back-into-duty-catches-bad-guy” and though I waffle on rating it  3 or 4 slices of pie, it is a whole ‘nother kind of book compared to American Psycho. I ‘get’ why but not sure I can explain nor defend it. Let’s just say, Red Dragon was well done but not a masterpiece. I didn’t feel like I needed to take a shower while reading it. AP is just gross and icky but scarily relevant about some aspects of ‘society’.

Issue #3 – Having no one to clarify what the criteria is for exactly how to vote for a winner in Dueling Monsters, I decided to use my own criteria. And since Red Dragon didn’t make me feel as nauseous, I hereby declare Hannibal my winner.

Reason #1 – I read every word of Red Dragon. I have no desire to read every word (or any more words) of American Psycho. So, point for Hannibal.

Reason #2 – I had a postcard of Blake’s painting of Red Dragon and Woman Clothed by the Sun. [I think I mailed it to Jeanne but I’m not sure.] Anywhoosie, point is and point for Hannibal is that I already had a book blogging ‘tie’ into the Red Dragon book by this piece of correspondence.

Reason #3 – I have decided – oh, let it be known that AP ends ambiguously – that Bateman’s serial killing was purely(?) his own fantasy and thus he didn’t really commit the crimes thus making him more harmless than Hannibal Lector. Before you c0unter that we are discussing fictional characters, I remind you that WITHIN the STORY, Hannibal was ‘real’ but Bateman’s crimes were fictional within the American Psycho fictional world. So there.

Now, may I please put this behind me and move on to butterflies, unicorns and daisies? puppies and bunny rabbits and sunny sunshine?


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15 thoughts on “Banned Books Dueling #MonsterMash

  1. Hmm. This gives me more reason to read American Psycho someday. I knew that September wasn’t going to be the time, though, as I had to arrange to take two weeks off from work, have surgery, and then recover, and there’s not a lot of room in that schedule for detached cynicism.

    1. Yes, the detached part is what kills ya. No kidding, it was seriously messed up. Hope your road to recovery is paved with plush carpet with daisy borders.

    1. Well, I’m going with my interpretation and I think I have thought on ONE MORE reason I am TeamHannibal or rather preferred the Red Dragon story and that is that MOSTLY the good guys win. There are no good guys in AP.

  2. trish422

    I am in the middle of AP, and right now I am bored. Bored Bored Bored. If I have to hear what EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER is wearing one more time, I may punch my nook.

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