Dueling Monsters

I am participating in this year’s Dueling Monsters event, sponsored by The Estella Society and hosted by Softdrink and @TriniCapini. You all know that I’m bad about explaining this stuff when the source is usually the best route to learn more. Just click from the button above or the last two underlined links…

Hannibal Lector vs Patrick Bateman

I have already read Red Dragon which makes me a #monstermash (that’s the Twitter hashtag for this year’s event) overachiever. YAY ME!

And am just about to spend September’s Audible credit on American Psycho and listen while I mow the lawn today.

If AP didn’t happen to be on the 1001 Books To Read Before You Die, I probably would skip. And I do believe AP has appeared on a few BANNED BOOKS lists, yes? Of course, both are RIP worthy. I told my husband we might have to schedule a horrorfest-movie-night and watch these. He said, ‘Sure, ok. whatever.’



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12 thoughts on “Dueling Monsters

  1. I don’t want to be anywhere near your house while you’re watching these two. Will you try to squeeze in IT as well?

    And yes, I think that Bateman might take the cake this year. Only because he is THAT awful.

    1. Actually, I’m not sure if it will happen now that I’m not sure where to rent movies. Cancelled Netflix and have no idea if those Red Box places will have?

  2. litandlife

    I’ve seen both of the movies but never read either of the books. Sadly (I think) I’m not going to have time to read either one.

  3. If you are able to find copies of the movies, let me know because I haven’t had any success. They aren’t on Netflix Streaming or iTunes, and even though I have no idea if I can watch them in their entirety, I certainly want to try. I need to get to Red Dragon. I figure it will be the easiest book out of the three (including It).

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