Lots Going On!

I didn’t realize it had been almost 10 days since my last post but I can tell you I’ve been reading and listening and enjoying myself.

First, it is BBAW week and I have no idea how much I will participate but it is a worthy event – I’ve been following along since the beginning. Click on the button below for how to join in all the fun:

And it is RIP time once again. (R)eaders (I)mbibing (P)eril is an extremely popular event that I bet people (like me) actually do participate but forget to actually register and commit and check in with. I can’t decide if I want to read four books or just one or …  But I already am reading IT by Stephen King and I want to support the #MonsterMash bloggers by reading American Psycho and/or the Hannibal Lector book which I forget the title but should be Silence of the Lambs but isn’t? I don’t know, whatever.

So click on this button to go see what level YOU want to do and exhort me to do the same, will ya?

Dare I ask, ‘what else?’ I have four reviews to write! I will likely do a mini-review post of three and I still have to write my halfway post for #italong. If you haven’t seen the NOSES, do click on the post for that by clicking on this underlined part of this sentence and if you don’t mind very bad (nasty) language, you can enjoy Softdrink’s latest creative spurt about being on a boat. I choked with laughter. Plus I’m mentioned in it so I am  quite pleased and feel like one of the cool kids, ie not a loser…

Happy Fall Reading!

Get ready for Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-A-Thon, too. It’s October 13.


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26 thoughts on “Lots Going On!

  1. I think I’m officially over-committed on bloggy stuff. I put the BBAW badge up last week, but that may be all I get done! I thought the first Hannibal Lector book was The Silence of the Lambs, but I didn’t look it up either. Glad to get your update. I need to catch up with reviews, too, and I can’t even seem to manage mini-reviews for most of what I read.

  2. It sounds like you already have enough books in the works to sign up for Peril the First, which is only four books in two months. You can do it!!

    And nice usage of the word “exhort.” I’ll try to work it into a conversation as soon as possible.

  3. I love RIP for so many reasons, the wondeful books read and shared, it signifies the coming of Fall (yay!)… but I so often forget to sign-up or post my reviews etc. and then suddenly it’s over (waaa!). It’s another one of a million reasons why I’m thrilled to be reading IT! I didn’t know about the #MonsterMash bloggers choice of American Psycho and am now hoping I can read that book with them, thanks for the info!

    Through a mix-up and my awful forgetfulness (old age, I’m sure of it!) I spaced on this week being BBAW so rather than participate, I plan to visit umpteen blogs, enjoy the posts and comment, comment, comment!

    Looking forward to your halfway post for #italong. If you don’t mind me asking, are all IT readers/bloggers s’psed to do a midpoint review post?

    1. oh, never the words “SUPPOSED TO”! Only if you feel you have something to say or you can just visit the ones who do post and leave a comment. Either/or works fine. It’s all fun. IT is fun!

    1. YES! i actually posted on that specifically but am waiting for my book to arrive so it is on low simmer versus hot on the stove – if you know what I mean. but YES! Can’t forget to mention A More Diverse Universe. 🙂

  4. I occasionally sign up for the RIP. Whether I sign up or not, I pretty much always read something spooky in the fall, now. Carl’s fault. This year, I definitely won’t sign up but I have one “atmospheric”-looking book picked out. I can’t commit to anything till this place looks like just the house part of warehouse, if you know what I mean. Happy participation!

  5. Ah, fantastic to see you in RIP 7 this year. Thanks so much for taking part. You sound like you are very busy and I do so appreciate it. Have a wonderful time with this and all your other commitments. 🙂

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