This #italong Readalong of IT by Stephen King is SO FUN!  Today, I received a bookmark from Softdrink and a RED NOSE from Christina aka Princess Clown Nose.

Vasilly is quickly catching up to my spot in the audio – I am only a few pages from the midpoint (or minutes, actually…) and I want to invite anyone/everyone to join along. You still have a lot of time!  Page 638 by Sept 14 and the end of the book my mid-October.

The bookmark features balloons and a clown with a sign that says “Must be THIS TALL to Ride”.


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19 thoughts on “THIS TALL (This BRAVE?!)

  1. Love your photo with the clown nose! I am tempted to join the challenge, it would fit in perfectly with Carl’s RIP challenge….and I love It, I’ve read it two times before and just saw the tv movie recently….which I own…..and yet the book scares me mightily, especially those darn balloons!! lol

  2. I completely forgot about the bookmarks, so cute and I love that nose…do you have any orange pom-pom buttons?!

    This book is slowly beginning to really creep me out! It’s awesome!

  3. I’m halfway to the halfway point. 😉 I did get a bit of reading in this weekend but the entire time i was reading I was wishing I had Steven Weber reading to me! I just love it so much (even though I definitely can’t read too close to bed time). Yay!!!

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