The Stephen King Project

Since I am finding myself participating in the IT Readalong aka #ITalong, I decided I might as well join the Stephen King Project 2012.

Coordinated by Natalie at Coffee and a Book Chick and Kathleen at Boarding in My Forties, this project began in January so I’m a little late. But not too late, so this post is my official statement of participation. Clicking on the button above will take you to the project website. I’m committing to the

A Lil Bit of King Level of 3 books

Although, now that I know that Campbell Scott narrates The Shining, I will likely be listening to that some time in the future.

I’ve read 11/22/63 in May and I listened to The Stand in June; those two books together are 2001 pages!

I had read Carrie way back in high school (early 80s) and may even have re-read it; I can’t remember. I read On Writing – wonderful! and then Lisey’s Story some time pre-blogging but in 2006 or 2007.

Usually I am a “BOOK TART” which Andi at Estella’s Revenge defines as someone who rarely reads a second book by any author. But I am now convinced King is a masterful storyteller and I counter all those people that say, ‘but it’s HORROR’ with a disclaimer that it is more the GOOD people fighting the evil. I always like to accentuate the positive… Stephen King knows how to tell a story and really shape characters the reader wants to cheer for.

That said, I still won’t call myself a fan of the genre. I have no interest in ever reading Pet Sematary or the book about the mad dog or the Dark Tower series or …

I’ll attempt The Shining and then maybe Shawshank Redemption and I’ll take a break.


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23 thoughts on “The Stephen King Project

  1. I’d never heard the term “book tart,” but I’m probably the opposite. If I find an author I like, I quickly go through their back list.

    Good luck with the last Stephen King book. I can’t believe you all are reading It. I don’t think I could handle it.

    1. Truly, IT isn’t as bad (so far) as I feared. Maybe THE STAND game me some kind of protection. But there are still some titles I will stay away from!

        1. It is all about the team of lil kids who fought the evil back in 1958 who come back together in 1985 to fight it again. So, it’s a lot of who these kids/adults are then/now and their memories. So, you really get a sense of these awesome 10-12 yo kids and what they have gone through. I swear I am in love with the kid Ben who had no friends and then he finds friends and he is just so freakin’ adorable… Oh, Mr. King knows how to build a great story…

    1. I loved 11/22/63 – in fact, our book club is having a ‘bonus’ adhoc meeting on it because everyone read it (unassigned?) and we all want to talk about it!

  2. Yay!!!! Welcome to The Project!! I’m so excited to see that we have more participants! My love for Stephen King started last year when I read 11/22/63. It’s such a chunkster of a book, but man oh man, I finished it in such a short time. I’ve read a number of his books this year and the only one I really wouldn’t recommend to anyone is The Tommyknockers, which was written at the height of his drug addiction. It still maintained my interest because of his excellent storytelling, but it was, dare I say it, laughable</i? in several scenes?

    Yes, listen to The Shining! Campbell Scott was amazing in it and I think it’s much better in an audio format because of it. I can’t wait to read all your reviews and our #italong participation!

  3. I’m not necessarily a book tart–I just like to read a big variety of books by all different authors. I’m also afraid to read up an author’s ENTIRE canon and then have nothing so then I don’t read anything by that author at all (this logic makes no sense, I realize).

    Ok, since I’ve done The Stand and will do IT, I’m also going to join the Stephen King project. Maybe do another. Jilly Bean mentioned #Shineon but I’m really not sure I can do another chunkster this year. Shawshank is a short story?! I’m also interested in Dark Tower but LOATHE series.

  4. The Shining???? I’m even MORE scared to read The Shining than I am of IT 🙂 But if you are going to then maybe I will too. I can’t even think that far ahead until I brave my way through It. Good luck with this project!!!

      1. I set it aside as I was packing, yesterday, actually. Under the Dome, I think, is the correct title. I’ve been doing that – setting aside books I’d like to read *very* soon. I’m trying to pare down the book clutter by asking myself, “If I could sit down and read this book RIGHT NOW, would I?” If the answer is no, it goes. Seems to be helping. 🙂

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