Doin’ IT

I will be participating — scratch that, I’ve already started so the future tense here is not accurate — I *AM* participating in the #ITalong readalong of Stephen King’s novel, IT, about a bad town with an evil clown.

You can join us! As Softdrink says, “Safety in numbers.”

CLICK HERE to join and keep scrolling through all of the FizzyThoughts posts for your entertainment.

CLICK HERE to get in line for a clown nose and/or read some FUN FACTS! courtesy of Reading Thru the Night.

I am 16+% along in the audiobook… (narrated by Steven Weber – I am liking this guy a lot more than Grover Gardner’s The Stand.)

On other notes, I have read 37 books so far this  year which puts me ahead of the track to finish 2012 with 55 books. I have read 13,339 pages which likely puts me ahead of how many pages I read last year. I have, however, been reading too many US/UK-centric books, methinks. The most startling new discovery is how many chunksters I’ve read:  five! IT will count as the sixth.

OK, carry on.


25 thoughts on “Doin’ IT

  1. Good for you! I was so close to joining in and then I realized I would be gone on vacation for two weeks and with all the other craziness it just wouldn’t work. I hope you guys have a blast though!

  2. I didn’t know IT was such a big book! I haven’t read it yet, but am looking forward to reading your thoughts about it. Maybe I should get this in audio and give it a try (although I seem to have such a backlog in audio right now). Have fun with the ITalong!

        1. Ha! I have avoided the movie! I think the only King movie I’ve seen is Shawshank. No, wait. I’ve seen The Green Mile and The Dead Zone. but that’s it! I might actually read The Dead Zone. I liked that one and it wasn’t too horror-ific.

  3. Oh my goodness! I am so nervous and I don’t even have my hands on the book yet 🙂 I’m really, really looking forward to reading this with all of you but scared at the same time. I’m such a wimp 🙂

    1. I must be getting tough because it really isn’t scaring me. Oh sure, it has creepy critters and nasty clowns but I have faith that good will prevail. It’s just how much these poor kids have to put up with!

      What’s great about a book is that it can be put into the freezer.

  4. Safety in numbers for sure. The only other reading obligation I have for September is Gone Girl so I’m hoping to make big and fast progress with this one. I’M SO SCARED THOUGH!!! But glad to hear it’s not as scary as you expected.

    1. It’s good – I just downloaded the 3rd part (of six) and a friend is loaning me her print copy so I can follow along and know when the breaks are.
      Gone Girl is a fast read…

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