Thoughts  Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, Delta trade paperback reissue 2007 (orig 1991), 627 pages

WHY I read this:  I never thought I wanted to read this – too popular, too over-the-top gushed over. But then I found out it had a time travel component. And then! My friend Madeline read it (hated it) and loaned it to me. It is my year of chunksters.


I don’t want to review it. I thought maybe I would try to quickly hit all the plot points but that thought made me tired. It has a LOT of action.

I would much rather discuss why Miss Mad hated it and why I was thus mislead into thinking


that Claire was going to end up with the horrid Capt Randall (who happens to be the spitting image of his great- great- great- great – grandson Frank who is Claire’s husband, don’t forget) but then I realized that Miss Mad was most upset with the darling charming hot Scotsman Jamie.



he beat up his wife.

Apparently, this is a deal-breaker. No way this man could be forgiven.

See, Madeline said she got to a point that just infuriated her and so she skipped to the end to see if Claire and (this man) ended up together and they did and she got so mad that she ended up going back and reading the whole darn thing and it still upsets her to no end! So I had to read it just to find out what was so infuriating and how I would react.


I liked the experience of reading it, I did. I had to find out what happened next! (what I REALLY wanted to know was if Claire made it back ‘home’.)

Alas, not in THIS book. (?)

RATING:  Three slices of pie. I found the botany stuff (and the lots of descriptions) enjoyable. But there was too much gosh darn crazy violent happenings. Not enough fear and confusion on Claire’s part of what she was really doing in 1743 Scotland. I didn’t get swept away. (Meaning, I won’t be reading any more of the series anytime soon.)

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30 thoughts on “Outlander

  1. aartichapati

    I have heard a lot about the scene of the beat up and can understand not wanting to read further because, even though I’ve never read the scene, I am uncomfortable by the way that people JUSTIFY that scene as though Jamie had a reason to beat up his lover. Really not ok.

    i tried reading this book but I just could NOT get past the dialect. And, like you, the somewhat ridiculous situation of a woman traveling back in time 200 years and somehow being totally fine with it. Just not for me!

    1. The dialect? didn’t bother me. In fact, I was calling my puppy a ‘wee bonny lass’ by the end of it. I couldn’t however figure out how to pronounce some of the names and they did trip me up every time.

  2. I agree about the lack of fear thing – that really bothered me too. I’d be an emotional wreck if you transported me back a few hundred years in time without any warning. She took it all in her stride….and don’t get me started on the sex scenes….!!

  3. I read this one last year and I was not a fan. It wasn’t just the beating thing that bugged me. There was so much silly violence and everyone wanted to rape Jamie and they acted like that was no big deal. It was just not a fan.

  4. Ruthiella

    I generally dislike “romance” as a genre so I will be skipping this one for sure. I gave up on A Discovery of Witches because its patina of romance began to bug me: handsome and controlling man and insecure woman who doesn’t realize her own power. Ack.

  5. Too late for you now, but this was a wonderful audiobook and that way I didn’t have to worry about the pronunciation of names, etc. I couldn’t find the second book as an unabridged audiobook at the time I read Outlander, so I tried to read it as a print book and ended up skimming it.

  6. I’m prejudiced against books where the author’s name is bigger than the title, unless it’s an author I’m already a fan of. And what about that title? Doesn’t grab me. Now, if I were stuck somewhere and Outlander was the only book available and my choices were that or go crazy with nothing to read, I’d plow right in.

    1. oh yea! I forgot about that; I usually avoid the author-name-too-big issue, too. But it was about time travel and it truly did fall into my lap at a time when I was ‘ready’.

  7. Oh, hmm I don’t remember that at all! All I remember is that I loved the book so much that I locked myself in the bedroom to finish it and HATED the ending. I actually tried to read the second book, some 10 years later. Couldn’t get into it at all. And, anyway, I was still mad about that nasty, violent ending. It was just too much for me.

    1. Well, like I mention, I was *looking* for the ‘beat up’ and will agree with Andi (next comment) that it was a spanking rather than a fist pummeling but, was only repeating how I heard it from Miss Mad.

  8. I love this review, Care, even if the book wasn’t your fave. Oddly, the “beating up” didn’t bother me given the time period and Claire SO did not take her running off and acting crazy seriously enough. Jamie shows himself to be quite the level-headed moral compass throughout the series. I’ve wanted to kick him in the man bits a few times, but he always redeems. Thanks for the linky love!

    1. I know I know! I too, thought it very improper (?!) of her to run off and take no heed of the risk. And I get it – the time period, etc, but.
      and Jamie DID have many ‘other’ redeeming qualities. For a man.

  9. The reasons you hadn’t picked this one up are the very reasons I haven’t – that and the fact that if I end up loving this book then I have like 3500 more pages of the series to read! But I might still get sucked into it’s vortex – perhaps if someone tells me they hate it.

  10. I read this quite a while ago and all I remember is that I enjoyed it – but I’ve never had the urge to read the next in the series, which means I didn’t enjoy it that much. Hey! Does that mean I am now officially a member of the club? Will there be food at our meetings? Pies! I vote for pies.

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