My Year of Writing Letters ✍ August LookSee

At the beginning of 2012, I set a resolution to write a letter every day of the year. I have written many letters and sent many a postcard to many corners of the world, but I cannot truthfully claim that every dawn saw me put pen to paper to envelope to stamp. Alas, I am not to be deterred; my letters per day ratio should end up showing I was successful. Yes, let’s go with that.

My recap to date:

month      —     letters sent     —     cumulative
January            49
February           86                         135
March              46                         181
April              61                         242
May                46                         288
June               39                         327
July               31                         358

Letters per day 358/213 = 1.68 letters per day.

Now as to challenges and my yearly book count tally, I’m doing OK. I am on track for 55 books, having read 35. Or 36, goodreads and I never ever seem to match and I’ll end up sorting it out at the end of the year.

I have been very successful at ReadALong particiption. Twitter is most fun, in that regard.

And since I didn’t join too many challenges, most of mine being of the personal variety, I’m doing OK. I finished the What’s in A Name 5 and halfway through the must-read-author list that I had setup for myself, but reading the books loaned to me? not so good. In fact, I’m giving up on a few and returning them to their proper owners.

How are YOU doing with challenges?  To me, August is one of those months that has me holding me breath, hoping to stall time. Because once September hits, the year just takes on speed. Good luck to you on YOUR challenges!


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15 thoughts on “My Year of Writing Letters ✍ August LookSee

  1. Yeah. You are a letter-writing machine! I’m just thrilled to have been one of the recipients. If only I was on the ball enough to write you an actual letter back!

    I love this kind of checking-in post. You are doing super well on your 2012 goals.

  2. Ruthiella

    Super impressed with the letter writing! I have friends I mean to write…and then I just end up telephoning. But letters are so lovely to get.

    Since I don’t blog, I have never done any challenges. But I think next year I will start doing them on my own. They seem like fun and a good way to get the TBR down.

  3. I am also impressed with your letter writing and feel so lucky to have gotten some of the letters. As for challenges, I am way behind. Hoping to finish at least one and meet my goal of reading 12 books this year.

      1. Well, a few were postcards. It doesn’t take much time to write a postcard. I don’t even spend time looking for the *right* stamp for postcards…

  4. As a proud recipient of several of your lovely missives, I’m here cheering you on! You’ve brightened up several of my days this year. As for challenges, I have failed nearly every reading challenge I’ve signed up for, so they’re on my “no-I-can’t-possibly list. Mind you, I’m kind of participating in the children’s chapter book one at Estrella Society. That counts, right?

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