Harry Potter 1-2-3

Thoughts HARRY POTTER! by J.K. Rowling, Scholastic 1997-1999, lots of pages.

Many of you are aghast that I have not yet read the entire series that I refer to here as HARRY POTTER! Well, my plan to assuage you all is underway. I have completed and-the Sorcerer’s Stone, and-the Chamber of Secrets, and and-the Prisoner of Azkaban.

Reading Book #1 was actually a re-read for me. I’m pretty sure I read it back when it became the craze that is HARRY POTTER! I had purchased it for my nieces. I have a lovely memory of my 7 or 8 yo second niece Hannah, reading it in the back seat of the car because she was too young or too small to sit in the front seat. We were driving around Kansas City being tourists while her family was at the Children’s Hospital doing a heart-thingy procedure on big sister Rachel. I was baby-sitting overnight! (All’s good, no need to worry. Besides it was YEARS ago.)

I saw the movie, too. I might have seen another movie but can’t recall which.

I have been waiting for all books and all movies to be DONE.

I thought Prisoner of Azkaban the best and Book #2 to be my least favorite, so far. I adore Hermoine. And Ron, of course.

Alright then. I thought I might actually have more to share but this will do. I don’t yet have Books 4-5-6-7 in house but I’ll get to them. I promise. Are y’all happy?!


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18 thoughts on “Harry Potter 1-2-3

  1. Oh crap. You’re going to speed past me now. I’ve only read the first three. And I love them, so I’ve no idea why I’ve never moved on. Just too damn many books in the world, I suppose. Plus I think it sort of makes Rich jealous–that I still get to read them for the first time. 😛

    1. But I don’t yet have book 4 in my hands so until that happens, I’m at a standstill. (Read it and send it to me? or send to me and I’ll send it right back after I complete it…)

  2. Erika

    They only get better! I read them for the first time a year or two ago, so you’re not alone. I’d have to say my favorite is The Goblet of Fire, but the rest are pretty awesome, too. And tear jerking. 😉

    1. TEARS?! no…. I really am enjoying them. I have a friend (an elementary school teacher, no less!) reading them with me but we aren’t quite on the same pace. She’s preferring weightier stuff of late; like, Julian Barnes.

  3. I had a friend/colleague pass very suddenly last week and he ADORED the series. I plan to read the series in his honor. I did so once but to be honest, skimmed a bit with the last books. I need to give them a proper reading.

  4. For a more authentic experience, shouldn’t you consider doing these with some time in between? :p

    I’m actually so curious to know how you end up feeling about the series as a whole when you read them back to back to back to back. That’s ordinarily what I do with every series I ever read, but I couldn’t with the Harry Potter books because unfortunately I couldn’t control JK Rowling and her writing speed. :p

    1. I really probably won’t be reading them back to back to back. I only did that with 2 & 3 because I had them in hand, sitting on the desk, looking so pretty together. But I don’t have the 4th (the 5th is being mailed to me! via bookmooch, just found out this morning) and I have a ton of other books vying for attention. Stephen King books have been quite pushy.
      But you have a point. But I will NOT do this over 15 years! 😛

  5. Oh yay! I hope you are enjoying the books a lot! The second is my least favorite, and the third is pretty close too. But I quite enjoyed the remaining five.

  6. I must admit to a feeling of slight envy at the people who get to sit down and read all the books in the series without having to wait in between. Although, when I did a reread in audio last year, it felt kind of like I was reading them all for the first time. The audios are SO good, Care.

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