Stuff and Probably a Bit More

Hello, I feel the need to post something.

I have received a ton of books lately and have also hit a slump in my reading. I just cannot sit down long enough to decide which book to read and am too indecisive to grab something and just start it.

 or  ?

So far, I keep vacillating between Emotional Geology and The Gargoyle, but all of my books are staring at me expectantly and are looking calmly eager to be picked. And then I recall all the eBooks I have on my iPad screaming at me. I always forget about them…

I also do not have a current audiobook going and I think this has untethered me a bit. I just don’t want to spend any more money and the library options are poor, in my opinion.  I tend to justify dollars per hour. Anyone else do that? I just can’t spend $25 on a ten hour listen. (The Stand was SO worth it. I couldn’t even tell you how much I spent – but 48 hours! awesome.)

Not that my week has been a downer, oh no. I am thoroughly enjoying The Happiness Project; am only dipping in every now and then rather than sitting down and devouring it. I think I would get an A+ for doing things that encourage happiness. I do enjoy the little silly things and when I am in a good mood, the mood builds and spills over. I’m having a lovely week.

I buckled down and concentrated on a project and felt quite pleased with the results. I had the opportunity to earn a quick $25 and it took only 20 minutes of my time. I received a Mary Kay order AND my order arrived so I was able to fill it (just gotta figure out WHEN I can deliver), I was called for a job interview, I received a lovely card from a friend, I managed to mail a few letters back to more friends, I am enjoying SUNSHINE in our weather, the bunnies I’m babysitting actually let me pet them yesterday, and I got a book in the mail.

One of my favorite breweries, Magic Hat out of Vermont, has little sayings under the bottle cap. I saved one that resonated:  “You need to write more.” Cool, huh?  How did Magic Hat know I like to write?  I’m sure they meant that my journal writing (and #letteryear writing) could be a bit more diligent. I want to glue it to my computer but I won’t.

A not-so-good thing that is happening is my poor dog Oscar has another hot-spot, a nasty skin thing that must have vet attention. But I am grateful that I have time in my day to attend to that, assuming the vet can see him.

The book that arrived is Clara and Mr. Tiffany  by Susan Vreeland. A win from Amused by Books. Thank you!!!

Other books that came a few weeks ago and I can’t even bother to check if I posted or not:  The Gargoyle, Erica Jong’s Any Woman’s Blues, Music for Torching and The Devil’s Chimney. My cousin returned The Given Day which I have yet to read. A friend returned The Outside Boy which I have yet to read. I often loan books that I own but haven’t read yet because I know I won’t get to them before they do but that really should be a reminder to me to read all the books that others have loaned TO ME. Uh oh. Need a reading-challenge look-see and check my progress. I also need to do a My-Year-of-Writing-Letters-Every-Day update post and reviews of The Stand, Right Ho Jeeves (maybe not) and followoup to The City and the City. (due on July 22, Pi Approximation Day)

OK!  Let’s start this day. Don’t be surprised if I’m absent for a few days. It’s gonna be BIZZY BIZZY.

BIG Thank You to all my friends who helped me make a decision last night. I appreciate my girlfriends and love that they are scattered all over the world and yet technology allows us to connect like you live right next door.


17 thoughts on “Stuff and Probably a Bit More

  1. I hope Oscar is okay!!

    I have about four library cards so between the four systems, I’ve always got stuff downloaded. I find that I download whatever happens to be available, and then just listen to it later. My downloads don’t disappear if I never sign in to iTunes. LOL. However, I have to keep a list of what I have on audio because I have sooooo many on my iPod that I have a difficult time remembering what is on there.

    I am at that point where I am about to start a new set of books. I finished all three of my reads and now I get to choose three more. I have a ton from Edelweiss that I have on my Kindle that I need to get to, so I will select from those.

    1. June was SO great – I had books lined up and I was reading fast so I always had one in the queue that seemed to work. But now I have crickets. Except I want to read Harry Potter #2 but my friend still has it – she FORGOT that I told her to read it fast cuz I needed it RIGHT BACK. #FriendFail (but she’s my best friend so she’s cool.)

      1. Also. RE: library… I didn’t like ANYTHING they had available at first glance. Then I saw they have Confederacy of Dunces (I *think* that’s the title) but I don’t get that I have to wait for it. I just don’t GET that. So what happens if my timing doesn’t jive with them allowing me to have it? I don’t get it. Maybe I am silly to think it should be automatic but it IS just digital, right?! I also have Hugo Cabret on hold.

  2. Erika

    I finished The Gargoyle not too long ago and ended up really enjoying it. It did take me a while to finish (mainly because I am wary of taking library books out of town with me), though, but was well worth it IMO!

    Hope you get out of the rut! Also, LOVE Magic Hat!

    1. Yay Magic Hat. So far, I have 3 votes for Gargoyle and one for Emotional Geology. As soon as I have sit down time to read (maybe Sunday?!) I will try both and commit.

  3. Definitely glue it to your computer. Sounds perfect. Glad the interview went well (so I heard on twitter). Which outfit did you end up going with?

    Have you thought about looking into audible? I pay $15 a month for each book but there are also lots of sales–right now there’s a sale for select books $5 each. Not bad if you find something you’re interested in. Otherwise I agree–audio is expensive!!

    hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  4. I’ve had The Given Day for a long time and still haven’t worked up to picking up that bad boy. I know (I think) I’d like it so I don’t know why I haven’t gotten around to it!

  5. A lot of bloggers are in reading slumps, aren’t they? I sure am in one too, reading a book every two weeks, which is awful for me. Usually I can manage to read two a week. Oh well, so much is happening in my life, I am thrilled when a book does grab me these days! even though I have so many staring at me too, and I want to read them all! Good luck with the interviews/job choices, Care.

  6. Literary Feline

    Reading slumps are no fun, especially when you can’t settle into a book but you really really want to read. I hope you have found something to fit the bill since you posted!

    It sounds like you are doing well otherwise! Poor Oscar though. 😦 I hope he will be okay.

  7. Oh Care, my dear, you get way more than an A+ in happiness encouragement!!!! You’re the quintessential curve killer in that subject!!! Seriously, do you even have any idea how awesome you are??? You not only live in a way to make yourself happy, but you freakin’ radiate happiness right through the computer screen!!! Sorry for all the exclamation points, but they are deserved–Cultivating Happiness, I’m pretty sure that’s what you were born to do. 😀

  8. I don’t know if I knew that you sold Mary Kay. I sold for 11 years but once Gage was born just didn’t have the desire or time for it. I might go back at some point just so I can get my discount!

  9. boardinginmyforties

    Sounds like you are in a positive place. It’s nice to hear all the good stuff, especially on a day when I am feeling less positive!

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