It’s AudioBookWeek and I Almost Missed it!

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I finally figured it out! (I’ve had a bit of trouble on the technical aspect of audio book listening). Not quite sure HOW but I did and I’m not questioning anything as long as it works. The important key was getting an iPhone. Then I downloaded some books, then downloaded the app to audibles and wa la! Somehow, an audio book was playing that I could listen to while mowing.

and while driving in my car (NOT with headphones!) and while vacuuming (WITH headphones) and while doing chores around the house that are hard to do with actual book in hand. In fact, my house could almost say it is cleaner now that I figured out how to listen and do chores! And my dogs are grateful because they are getting more and longer walks!

I listened to 48 hours of THE STAND by Stephen King! and fast. Now I’m attempting to listen to (only) 13 hours of WILD by Cheryl Strayed and it feels like it is taking me forever.

Next, I am SO excited to listen to The Great Gatsby, narrated by Tim Robbins. And I want to listen to Ready Player One because everyone has the hots for Wil Wheaton reading it.

I want to listen to something/anything by Simon Vance. I will listen to something/anything (yes, even Thomas Hardy) read by Alan Rickman.

I am SO EXCITED to finally be able to read a book AND mow the lawn.

If I could only get my husband to agree to buying me a new lawnmower…

Happy AudioBook Week


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21 thoughts on “It’s AudioBookWeek and I Almost Missed it!

  1. I used to think I couldn’t listen to audiobooks and vacuum at the same time, so I stopped vacuuming. When that became untenable, I just threw caution about deafness to the winds and turned up the volume on the iPod. Why not get your husband to mow the lawn, though, so you can sit on the porch listening to audiobooks?

  2. Oops, I went off topic! I should have said The Great Gatsby was a wonderful audiobook, but I’m not sure the one I listened to was read by the same narrator as you mentioned.

    1. My next task is trying to figure out how to download from Overdrive/the library. I’m still confused on that issue. I will have to come see you and have you explain it!

      There are many Gatsby audio versions, it seems.

  3. You know I had never considered the possibility of mowing and listening to an audiobook until now. I need to get some lawn! This could apply to the gym too (have not been very successful with reading a book and exercising so far). Hmm, going to investigate this some more…

    1. That wasted time not doing anything but mowing was what drove me to consider audio books in the first place. AND walking dogs or on the treadmill. I was trying to hold a book while on the treadmill but it is not good for your posture.

  4. from the looks of my house lately, I should try this!! I don’t have an iphone, but I do have an ipod…I’ll have to look into it! I listen to audio books but my 1.3 mile commute doesn’t get me very far per day 🙂

    1. I had a devil of a time trying to load books onto my mp3 player – it wasn’t til I got the iPhone that it all came together with angels singing from on high. FINALLY. Otherwise I was exclusively CDs-in-the-car audiobooker.

  5. With my new Android (yuck), I’m jealous of your iPhone! But I’ve put the Overdrive app on it to try it out. Skips the step of transferring it to the iPod, but then there’s no keeping it a little past the expiration date if I don’t finish it in time, I imagine.

    1. I’m not sure I have actually attempted it yet! I know I was frustrated by the choices of available ebooks (on iPad) but it’s been awhile. I should do that now..

  6. I enjoyed Ready Player One but didn’t listen to Wil Wheaton. I read it the old fashioned way. LOL. But that is okay because I just saw him in February on the cruise I was on. I came over to tell you I was just at Patriot Place the other day. We went to Five Wits – it was a lot of fun. Have you done one of their shows?

    1. No, I have not done any shows there. I also want to try the movie theatre bar.

      Wait, you were on a cruise with Wil Wheaton?! was it techie nerd cruise?!

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