The Stand – To Be Listened To

Trish twisted my arm. I’m such a sucker. Scream “EVERYONE IS READING THIS!!” and I say, “ok, where do I sign up?”

You can sign up here —-> Trish’s Love Laughter & Touch of Insanity <—– which is what I will be doing as soon as I post this.

Hashtag on Twitter is #standalong.

Midpoint ~ July 1st

Wrap up ~ July 27th

I’m listening to the extended version and have already made it through Part 1 of 6!  I’ve mowed the lawn, walked the dogs, cleaned the kitchen and planted flowers (which are currently being rained on otherwise I would show a photo.) I think I might actually become — ack, shall it be said outloud? — productive.

I’m not keen on the narrator’s voice when he reads the female dialogue and actually don’t like his crazy redneck voices, either. But his overall delivery is good.  {Grover Gardner}

I found a PIE reference in a ‘Frannie’ section, “Responsibility is pie.” and I would be most appreciative if someone might email me the entire quote and what page.  Thanks!

And don’t forget! Summer in The City and The City (China Miéville) begins June 15. Informal; no sign up, just … I’m not sure, really.  We’ll figure it out or maybe Lu has some good ideas? We have twitter hashtag but it is rather unwieldy: #summerinthecityandthecity.


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29 thoughts on “The Stand – To Be Listened To

  1. Glad you are having fun with The Stand. It was one of my favorite books.

    I obtained a copy of The City and The City so I will be reading along with you in my informal way. As soon as it becomes formal I typically lose interest so informally it shall be.

  2. You caved!!! Yay! I’m doing the Standalong and Summer in The City & The City as well. I’m actually almost done with The Stand (in the middle of ch. 51) so I’m not worried about getting to both.

    1. I’m amazed how fast it is going! And also a little dismayed at how very very long this things is.

      I’m having quite a chunkster year.

  3. I looked for the pie quote for you last night, but alas, I have failed. I couldn’t find it. I do remember reading that quote though. I thought it was in the section where she was eating the pie, but I couldn’t find it there. It must have been before that. I’ll try again.

    I’m really glad you caved! I’m looking forward to the first check-in.

      1. “As she went to pick it up, she felt sure it was her father and that the news would be worse. It’s a pie, she told herself. Responsibility is a pie. Some of the responsibility goes with all the charity work she does, but you’re only kidding if you think you’re not going to have to cut a big, juicy, bitter piece for yourself. And eat every bite.”

        It’s on page 213 of my uncut paperback version. Thanks for telling me the chapter. I was thinking it was later in the book. Let me know if there was more of it that you want.

        1. YES!!! I absolutely remember listening to that part and thinking of Care. Glad you commented the whole quote here!

  4. One of my favorites! Of course I actually read the book, not listened to it, so the terrible female voices were actually my own in my head. LOL. You should have heard the male ones. Heehee.

  5. I admire all of you for taking on this monster. I’ve read several of King’s giant books, but this one still scares me. 🙂 Can’t wait to hear what everone thinks.

  6. 🙂 Oh Care. Love. 🙂 But I hope I didn’t hurt your arm too badly. Like I told you–no pressure (besides the fact that all the cool kids are doing it).

    I’m really enjoying listening as well and feel guilty that I’m not doing as much actual reading of the book. Maybe tonight (who am I kidding–we’re totally engrossed in season 1 of Rescue Me). It took me a while to get used to Grover Gardener’s voice–it’s a little raspy for my taste–but now I think it’s perfect. You’ve almost caught up to me!!!

  7. I am glad that Trish was so persistent and you have joined in. This is my first time reading a Stephen King book and I am surprised at just how much I like it. I am reading the extended version, but hearing about all of that productivity makes me think that I should have tried the audio version. – FABR Steph

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