Take the Cannoli

Thoughts  Take the Cannoli by Sarah Vowell, Simon & Schuster 2000, 219 pages, tradeback, sent to me from the awesome Fizzy SoftDrink

Since nobody is reading this blog anyway, (only based on the fact that I had to cajole Nancy to comment on my last book review post on an old thriller that seems that everybody else has avoided; maybe it is ____ invisible?____) I am just going to ramble about stuff. Yes, I’ve had more coffee this morning than I should have.

The other night, we watched ONE FOR THE MONEY movie with Katherine Heigl playing Stephanie Plum and it was a fun caper, I suppose. She did a good job but I would probably only rate it a 3 star not that it could ever hope to be a 5 star even if perfect because…. because it is just — crap, I’m falling into the same trap as rating books!  It wasn’t LITERARY?!  Anyway,

Have you read any of Janet Evanovich’s Plum books?  I think I made it to nine, maybe 10 before I got bored. This was pre-blogging days. There’s a line in the movie when Plum says to Ranger that Morelli ‘stole her cannoli’ and the waitress says, ‘Honey, he stole a LOT of cannolis’ and that’s what reminded me I really needed to write this review.

I would say, right off the bat (or maybe the END IS NEAR story which I believe is third in the line up), that it is obvious the book was written over 10 years ago and NOT because it is caught in that time warp problem or no longer culturally relevant but because it has a pre-Sept 11 feel to it. I don’t mean to turn this silly review down a serious path, but this really struck me.

Perhaps because Sarah IS snarky?

Whatever, I do love how she thinks and her nonchalance in expressing her thoughts. I was particularly impressed at her experimenting with goth fashion and I was laughing through the insomnia chapter – Softdrink also noted the punctuation discussion. I really enjoyed the bit on the Chelsea Hotel because when I read Just Kids by Patti Smith, I was so intrigued, I wiki-researched and tried to find photos of the Chelsea! I find it terribly sad that the place now has new owners and sincerely hope they don’t mess it up. The title story is a good reminder that I need to reread or review The Godfather. I think it was one of the those books I read in High School to prove I was ‘grown up’. I probably read the book before I was allowed to see the movie. But I could be wrong. I wasn’t allowed to see Jaws; I want to read that one, too.

But I was most moved by the Trail of Tears travelogue. What a dark chapter in our country’s history. (not Sarah’s retracing but the original march by the Cheyenne.)

I’ve read Wordy Shipmates; I am looking forward to reading Assassination Vacation next.

What Sarah Vowell book is your favorite?