Lupines!   Loo-pines or loo-pins, depending on how you prefer to pronounce…

AMENDED and new photo uploaded!  After I asked this:  “Um, Trish? How do you write on your photos?” She answered with “” and so I tested it.  YAY! works good. Thanks also to Rhapsody-Jill.


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17 thoughts on “Lupinus

  1. Loo-pines is my favorite pronunciation. So pretty! I came here to tell you something. Maybe it was the fact that we put an offer on a house, today? I’m not sure. Huh. If we get it, I think vacations are going out the proverbial window, for a while. But, I’ll have room for a third cat. And guests!!!!!! You could visit me! I’m getting ahead of myself, though. I like my money, so we went very low. Kiddo’s girlfriend is So. Not. Happy. that we might move 30 miles away.

    Maybe I was going to tell you that Huz wants it because he’s in love with the attic, of all things. I think that’s hilarious.

    Happy Purple Lupines!

    1. OOOOHHHH! You really do not need to give much weight to a college age son’s girlfriend’s opinion; it’s not like she is going to live there. Email me the MLS#! I want to see!!!! ok, I’ll just em ya.

  2. Like Jill I just call them “purple things” as well. I use to write on my pictures. Just upload the picture and you can do all sorts of fun things (including the text). For me that’s the easiest way but I think others use photoshop, which I don’t have. Hmmm…maybe one day when I’m drowning in spare time I’ll draft up a post. Bahahahaha! 😉

    1. Can I just call you “Public Service Trish”?! Cuz you are awesome and always go out of your way to help me. Thank you. I don’t have photoshop, either. I will try picmonkey. 😀

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