Yep, I’m Around Here Somewhere

Ok, I don’t think I have really given my iPad WordPress app a good college try but here goes. I am just itchin’ to post something since I have this odd sense that you (somebody, anybody) might be wondering where I am…

I have a review ‘in the hopper’ for The Uninvited Guests and had every intention of posting it last week but. BUT. I am on vacation. I DID bring my laptop – – but I forgot the power cord and it needs to be charged. So, I am stuck with the iPad. (first world problem)

I am FINALLY back to reading! this hosting family and then going on vacay messed up my routine and I couldn’t find a book to commit to so I gave up.

The fam members went home, we stayed at the boat, and I was able to devote some time to Sarah Vowell’s TAKE THE CANNOLI. I liked it. I enjoyed it very much. I will review and decide later if it was a high three slicer or four pie read. I like her.


I will try to post The Uninvited Guests before Monday. And I will review Paperback Thriller. And Cannoli. And if I can read the other book I have with me (A River Runs Through It), that, too.

Meanwhile, I miss you, too! I hope to get back home to a mailbox of books because I rediscovered bookmooch and was able to request the first two books of Harry Potter.

I just saw a trailer of The Great Gatsby and Leo has convinced me that I must know the story better before I see that flick.

And… And. Well, that’s it. Here goes. Thanks again. πŸ˜‰


32 thoughts on “Yep, I’m Around Here Somewhere

  1. Oh, right, you have a boat! Note to self: Go visit Care! haha Glad to see you are around. I was wondering what happened to you, actually. You were quiet, but you commented on my blog so at least I knew you were alive. Now I know the rest of the story…

    I don’t know about books, but I did send you another postcard. I have to go buy more…

  2. I just finished Gatsby last week or the week before. It was really good in a lovely way… not really an exciting, plot driven way, but you know how classics are.

    1. Hip hip HOORAY! (of course, I am spolied, my life IS a vacation. Or? All I am doing is cleaning the boat and drinking beer. What that MEANS, you can debate.)

  3. That Gatsby trailer was so cracked-out crazy. I love it. I’m not totally sure about any of the actors they cast, but I’m willing to be convinced.

  4. Aren’t you sweet to worry about us worrying about you! But you just don’t stress about posting…just enjoy the heck out of your vacation!!!

  5. I just forget about blogging when on vacation. It helps me recharge my “blogging batteries.” Take the Cannoli is one of the only Vowell books I haven’t read yet. Did you listen to it on audio? You’ve got to hear her narrate her own books to get the full experience. Her voice is rather unusual.

    1. Well Jenners, it depends on the kind of vacation – this was a few days on the boat with zero plans. which meant that I hoped to read and do whatever. If it had been a destination vacation, I wouldn’t have been so concerned with blogging, probably.

      No, I have not listened to her read but I have seen her in interviews.

  6. Hi! I love those vacations where no destination is planned. It is so relaxing and spontaneous. Hope you get to do more of that this summer! πŸ™‚

  7. I heard Sarah Vowell talking on one of the NPR shows (maybe Commonwealth Club?) and that woman is really interesting. And really funny!

    1. I’ve only seen a clip or two of her on The Daily Show but yes, she is or was? a regular feature on one of the NPR shows. I don’t listen to NPR (shocker?!) but should, I suppose. I struggle to be a ‘listener’ if I’m not in a car driving long distances, I prefer to listen to music or sports.

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