Before I Go To Sleep

Thoughts  Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson, HARPER An Imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers 2011, 358 pages

Loaned to me from a friend within my book club.

What’s it about:  Christy wakes up every day not knowing who she is or where she is. She thinks she is a twenty-something novelist and wakes up middle-aged. She has to relearn who she is and who her husband is. And then every night, she forgets it all again when she goes to sleep. Every morning someone calls her to tell her where her diary is and she wonders who she should trust; should she even trust herself?

Who IS she?!  What HAPPENED to her?!

Rating:  Two Stars.

I am not a big fan of this – it was OK. Just OK. I can’t say it was horrid, only that I really didn’t get all that excited about it and only finished it because I wanted to see how it turned out.

Please don’t take my word for it. Quite a few people enjoyed it and admired the tight consistent pacing of the plot. Check here for Fyrefly’s Book Blog Search results.

What I AM excited for:  Nicole Kidman has signed up to do the movie. (I can’t seem to find the link confirming this, so maybe it is all rumor? I didn’t try that hard.)  I think this might be one of those ‘the movie is better than the book’ – IF (big if!) the director gets the pacing and suspense just right.

Of course, if I woke up seeing my reflection as Nicole Kidman when I looked in the mirror, not sure I would complain that much…


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24 thoughts on “Before I Go To Sleep

  1. I liked the book slightly better than you. Hubs and I read it together so it was fun to discuss our ideas on what was true/not true. Movie does sound better, and I live your perspective on looking like Nicole. 🙂

    1. I think I was in a high-picky mood. And I think I am being harsher in my ratings lately. Your way to read it sounds like a great time, though. 🙂

  2. The book does appeal to me and I have a love/hate relationship with Nicole Kidman. I think she is a great actress but for whatever reason, she bugs me!

    1. Is it because she is so pale? Or her fake Irish accent in that movie when she first met Tom? or… She doesn’t bother me. I’m there are a few actors that DO bother me (oh, the short guy from Seinfeld – can’t stand him) .. was going to say, I can’t think of anyone. huh.

  3. I didn’t like this book either. It was a little intriguing and I liked how the whole memory issue was demonstrated. But the ending was ridiculous.

  4. Well, I liked the book more than you did but I am totally pumped about the movie version. I think you’re right … this is one where the movie might be much better than the book.

    1. I am not one to say that “the book is always better”, though it is a truth 95% of the time. I think I have to totally fall for characters in thriller books otherwise I am just too skeptical or something.

  5. Okay, I’m kind of in favor of the movie even though I too found the book to be just so-so. It seems like a very Nicole Kidman kind of part!, and I think the movie would have an excellent shot at being more awesome than the book — it’s a suspenseful, cool plot! Hard to mess up! (But the book managed.)

  6. I’ve been in a picky mood lately, myself. Maybe it’s just not the book for you. I seem to be latching onto all the books that are “just not the book” for me, this past couple of weeks. Hence the break. Just didn’t want to write about anything and still don’t. Hope your next read sweeps you away.

  7. Not really my kind of book at all (but then again, I’m in the middle of redefining what “my kind of book” is so who knows …?). Nicole Kidman is fine with me – would be rather interesting to wake up in the mornings and see her face in my mirror!

    I owe you some correspondence! Things are all a-shifting in my universe recently … more on that in pen and ink style coming your way 🙂

  8. A Little Blog of Books and Other Stuff

    I’ve just finished this book today and I wasn’t crazy about it either… too many plot holes and not enough character.

  9. boardinginmyforties

    I enjoyed this one but didn’t like the ending. I’m looking forward to the movie. I’ve heard that Nicole Kidman will be playing the lead.

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