Monday, So Let’s Talk Mailbox

I have stuff to talk about, yay me!  I had a lovely day on Thursday when a friend had invited me into Boston to go to a Garden Tour Luncheon. We kinda skipped the actual Garden Tour but we did snap a few lovely photos of lovely flowers and the lunch was fabulous.

 Melon and mint soup! The beverage concoction is a Garden Martini of blueberry vodka and some kind of cucumber something I don’t recall – surely not a liqueur but maybe another vodka? It was quite tasty. The photo will link to the restaurant, 75 Chestnut’s website or click here.

AND, while walking through Boston, we discovered Brattle Books where I proceeded to let a few $1 books jump into my arms:

 Paperback Thriller by Lynn Meyer, published in 1975, under 200 pages


  The Importance of Being Oscar: The Life and Wit of Oscar Wilde by Mark Nicholls. I think of Jenny when I think of Oscar Wilde. I hope she finds that flattering?

(I also bought a $3 book published* in 1885 about the state of Kansas  which I am sending to my brother as a belated birthday present but don’t feel sorry for him because he seemed to hit the birthday bonanza from me this year; he also received a paper pop-up card that was super nifty (imo) and a BN giftcard…)

MORE! Upon the drive home out of Boston, we stopped at a Barnes & Noble which gave Silver Sparrow by Tayari Jones the chance to jump on my back and insist I purchase. Darn pushy books.

I’m not done…

I also ordered The Uninvited Guests by Sadie Jones which came in the mail first of last week and I promptly sat down with but interrupted to read Cranford for my book club and then returned to. This has really hit the blogs hard lately – I read it because of Jeanne and have been discussing with Amused and now I see Ms Nancy the BookFool read it about the same time I did. She, however, has been able to find time to write about it.**

Plus, that same Nancy sent me a book, Molly Peacock’s The Paper Garden. Supposedly it is full of flower porn. Woo hoo! Thank you, Darlin’.

I have books to send out in the mail:  that Kansas book and I promised 1Q84 to my friend Jessica over at The Bluestocking Society.  I have a book to return to a bookclub-bud: Before I Go To Sleep by S.J. Watson, so that will be reviewed soon. Yikes! I have 4 reviews to write? In order (as my reminder) Cranford, The Univited Guests, BIGTS, and Paperback Thriller. Stay tuned! As you can see, it was a book-filled week for me.

* The copy I purchased is old and dark mossy green cover is faded and spotted, but I liked this cover shot – shown above – I found on Which means this book is still in print? or recently printed which impresses me. My book has the editor’s name, Horace E. Scudder, more prominent than the author, Mr. Leverett W. Spring. I love the old names! Anyway… Of course, my bro doesn’t read my blog so the package will be a surprise. I love surprises, don’t you?

Tell me about a book that has surprised you recently.


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26 thoughts on “Monday, So Let’s Talk Mailbox

  1. Obviously The Uninvited Guests surprised me. I wrote about a TV series that surprised me today, Supernatural. The Family Fang, by Kevin Wilson, surprised me in a good way, too (Jenny was not as delighted by it as I was but we do agree on Oscar Wilde).

    1. It IS interesting why some books are purchased when I have a few others on my “HOT” list… It was there, I was in a hurry, yaknow?

  2. The Uninvited Guests surprised me, too. I need to get to know these two people who recommended it. My review sounds a tad negative, I will warn you. I’ve thought about going back to add that there are things I dislike but the tone is playful, which I loved.

    I just got a copy of Silver Sparrow, not long ago! Did you get it because of Jill’s review?

  3. SO much to comment on here – from the perfect day in Boston (blueberry vodka, you say?) to all the lovely books. I’ve been lusting after The Paper Garden and CAN’T WAIT to read The Uninvited Guests.

  4. Wow. Such lovely photos. I’m so sorry you didn’t actually get to do the tour. I bet that would have been fun. But I can imagine how those things go when us ladies get together and gabbing takes priority. Still you got some lovely shots. Are you really going to try and make your own blueberry vodka? That is pretty creative. Let us know! I’ve heard many good things about Brattle books. I can’t remember having been there myself which is sad because I used to live so close to Boston!

    1. Oh HECK no. I won’t make the vodka – I’ll make the Garden Martini with purchased ingredients. ;P
      We should meet in Boston sometime. OR! Want to meet at Patriot Place and do the Segway tour!???! Say yes.

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