Mailbox & Monday

My own kind of status updates for a Monday in May… 

#LETTERYEAR  <— my hashtag for my 2012 goal to write a letter every day.

I’m not too strict and I got lax in April – I know I wrote a letter on April 19 but failed to write WHO!  eek…  (If it was you, please write back and refer to my letter on 4-19, will ya?!) But overall, I am pleased, very pleased, with my success to date on this project.

I sent 61 letters in April for a cumulative total of 242 in 2012. I received 14 pieces of Fun-Mail in April. This month, I intend on writing my Senators to express my wishes for what they have to vote on down there in Washington.


I received a new to me book by Mary Roach:  Packing for Mars!   Thank you Erin. I hope to start this after I read Cranford. Unless I get to Before I Go To Sleep which is calling to me. Both would satisfy challenge requirements. (Roach is on my authors-to-get-to and the other one has been loaned to me; the loaner is asking if I’ve read it yet…)


Book club selected Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell and I really hope somebody loves it. I, myself, am having a tough time getting into it after the zoomfest of reading 11/22/63. It’s not bad, it’s just not captivating and at this time of summer fun, I’m a scatterbrain full of must-do & want-to to-do list conflicts. (Say that 5 times real fast.)

I have a pretty hardcover book of Cranford, I have the free eBook copy so that I can look up words and/or so I can’t avoid having it with me AND I am actually toying with the concept of looking for the audio version!  Overkill?


It’s lawn-mowing time! I need an audio book suggestion, please. I can’t decide…

 <– from; I would love to try one of these.


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16 thoughts on “Mailbox & Monday

  1. 242?!!! Care, you are downright impressive!!! Me? I bet I’ve sent 8 letters this year, and 6 of them were of the “pleading with my representatives to represent me” type.

    1. Really!?!?! I think Sheila of Book Journey always listens to a book when she mows the lawn – I’ll have to ask her… I do have a loud lawnmower. 😦

    1. I’m tempted to move this up to be NEXT-BOOK. I’m ready for some NF and something not set in England. (I’ve read entirely too many books lately set there.)

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