Summer in “the City! and the City!!”

So, one of the amazing most wonderful things about Twitter is the spontaneous ideas that catch fire. @Lulu_bella saw my random tweet about @BiblioEva‘s recent review post on China Miéville’s The City and the City and BOOM!

we attracted the notice of Nymeth and Iris and Belle and Melissa and some other wonderful people…

Turns out of few of us have been wanting to read this book (or SOMETHING by this author) and we are excited to join with other Tweeters and BookBloggites to do a readalong. We flexibly agreed to read The City and the City this summer and we will kick it off with a BANG!

on or around the date June 15.

Like I say, informal and flexible. Get a copy, start reading it on June 15 and we’ll see what happens. I’m not skilled at readalong planning structure setting-upping so let’s just say this post is a kick-off.  We don’t need a SIGN-UP; just read it and participate if the stars (timing) align and we’ll have a party. Perhaps more details and organization will follow.

Which means you are invited.


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32 thoughts on “Summer in “the City! and the City!!”

    1. Wonderful! I bought my copy today at B&N. I hadn’t been in a bookstore in so long I was delirious. And then kept thinking about all the books I have at home that I need to read so I ended up only buying this because “I NEED IT.” 🙂 I did buy some discounted ones and a few ‘fun’ ones for the kiddos.

  1. Love the pun! I really enjoyed the Cloud Atlas discussions and like you (a) have wanted to read something from Mielville for some time now and (b) was super stoked by Eva’s post. My library has a copy and I will be reading along!

    1. I’m so glad you saw my note in goodreads – I really did mean to send you more formal invitation but ya know? I’m not that formal. 😀

    1. YOU! YOU are mentioned! You are BLURBed!!! I think I remember you told us this. Congrats, must be SUPER-THRILLING to be in a book! woo hoo!! I do think of you, actually, when I think of this author.

      By the way, I think this will amuse you. I first looked for this in the Fiction section at B&N and NOPE. so I went ahead and asked at the info-desk since I really was too lazy to look for the SciFi section and the girl said, “I think she’s in Science Fiction.” Which I replied, “I’m pretty sure he is a he.” and she still answered with, “Yep, she’s in Science Fiction.” Sigh…

  2. Yay! I am very into a flexible group read! I was actually just commenting on Eva’s post about how I wished my book club would read The City and the City and then I’d have to get past the first chapter and finish it and I bet I’d really like it. I’m in!

  3. As you know, I’m not much of a joiner, but I’ve been meaning to read this book, and you make it such a non-committment that I’m willing to join in.

  4. How fun! I also have plans to read Mievelle, but very uncertain plans that generally peter out when I am told to choose a date. Perhaps if I am able to find a cop of this book at some point around June, I too shall join in the quest 🙂

  5. I’ve been wanting to read this one for a long while and think it would make a great one to discuss. I’m going to have to try to work it into my reading!

  6. I live under a similar rock to Sheila’s. I’m still wishing I’d found my copy of Cloud Atlas in time for the last read-along I missed. Since I don’t have a copy of this one, I’ll just pass and stay under my rock.

  7. I’ve wanted to read something by China Mieville for a while now. I saw a post about this casual readalong on another blog a month or so ago, got excited and promptly forgot about it. (oy!) I’d love to join you especially because this is a casual gathering so low stress! I don’t have the book yet so I’ll be a little behind you all at first :o)

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