What’s in the Mailbox?

Just a musings-Monday. Happy April Everyone!  Here’s a photo from the local garden store that I made my husband take me to yesterday so I would get out of the house:

And I can tell you that I got a book in the mail last week. Thank you Softdrink for sending me this after I begged for it.

I cannot decide what to read next and it is really irritating me. I think I will abandon The Invention of Clouds but every time I flip through it, I think, “OOOoooo!!  That’s cool.” and it has poetry!  and mentions of Jane Austen!!  but.  It’s due at the library. I might end up buying it for my brother as a gift. (SSSHHHHHH!  Don’t tell him.)

Our book club selected The Elephant Keeper and none of you blokes seem to have read it. What’s up with that?!  When I can’t find any review in Fyrefly’s book blog search, I get nervous. On the other hand, maybe I will love it and spark a blogfire of appreciation. THAT would be something fun that I haven’t ever done.

Having read the Literate Housewife’s groundbreaking project to amass a list of truly worthy (cough, not celebrity) audio book narrators, I am tempted to buy the audio of The Elephant Keeper. Roger May reads it. I have no idea if he is any good. (uh, thought – can these be sampled?) IF YOU HAVE LISTENED TO ROGER MAY and recommend, PLEASE let me know.

Or should I get the print version. Or the kindle version. OR see if the library has it?  I’m in a state of paralysis and indecision.

On the letter writing year that is 2012, I sent 46 pieces of mail in March for a grand total of 181 for the first quarter. I received 35 letters, I think. I counted but can’t find where I wrote that down. (probably in a tweet!) I bought some nifty cards and stationery at Marshalls – gawd, I do love the TJX stores.

I posted my Final Summary Thoughts on Cloud Atlas and recommend reading it – if not only because it is one of those books you want to say you ‘know’. But I enjoyed it, too! It’s one of the 1001 Books to Read Before You Die…

What else. I need to make a pie maybe today, maybe tomorrow, NOT yesterday as planned, of the SuperBerries I received on Thursday. Check it out on my tumblr page.

That’s it. To recap… NO WAIT!  I have a copy of Angels and Insects by A.S.Byatt to send on!  Who wants?  Leave me a comment here or on one of my review posts (click Angels or Insects) and tell me if you’ve ever seen a Javelina in real life!

GIVEAWAY DETAILS:    One comment 

open internationally

deadline April 7, Saturday, 7 am EST (ie, NewYorkCity)

Recap:  I received Saturday in my Mailbox, I can’t decide which format to read/listen to The Elephant Keeper and I seek your advice, I write a lot of letters, Bloggiesta was awesome, I still need to bake a pie.  I have a giveaway.

Happy Spring!


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29 thoughts on “What’s in the Mailbox?

  1. I’m still waiting for that pie, Care! Is it really going to happen?

    Have a great week. I’ll let you now when I come across a javalina (first checking on wikipedia what that could be – or is this a April 1st joke….?).

    1. OH! I’ll let you know. I’m sorry…

      re: the javelina? just thought it would be a fun way to enter the contest with out making anyone work too hard.

        1. You’re right! not that different. Yea, I’m not surprised you haven’t seen any Javelinas.

          It’s fun to say.

  2. I love love love stationery … but I can bring myself to write on it and “ruin” it. That is a lot of mail. Cool!!!!

    And can this be considered my entry for Angels and Insects?

  3. I’ve never seen a javalina but when my parents did when they wintered in Arizona a couple of winters. My mom was so intrigued with them that she brought my kids back Javalina story books, stuffed javelinas, and javelina post cards. After looking at them, though, I don’t really think I’d want to find one in my backyard like my cousin does!

  4. This has got to be one of the best Mailbox type posts ever! Going to have to say wow again about your correspondence. So what format have you decided on? And I love pie!!

  5. I’m so behind in my blog reading that I still have both of those Byatt reviews sitting in my Google Reader. 😦 BUT I did finish Somni last night so I’m moving on to Cavendish.

    Pretty tulips!! And I must know how many slices of pie Saturday gets. I tried to read it during maternity leave but my brain was WAY too mushy to get past page 5.

    1. Oh yea. Google Reader… DO I have to ?! Sigh…

      Of course, I will post when the day comes I ever read Saturday and thus “review” upon it. I’ll tweet at you if/when. I have really gotten out of a reading mode! THAT is more pressing issue at the moment.

      First, I need to rush off and water the trees. We need rain.

  6. I love the way you ramble in your posts — feels just like we’re wandering thru IKEA and chatting 🙂 And thanks for introducing me to “blogfire” – what a great word.

    I’m not putting my name in for the Byatt book … too many stacked up to read already!

  7. Care, I am reading The Elephant Keeper on my iPad…and I have to say……. I am LOVING it! 🙂

  8. Yea, they always look good in the pot from the store… Although. sometimes, some seasons they are awesome! We still have some waiting to do weather-wise.

  9. I have apparently missed a lot. I had to admit that I had no idea what a Javelina was… But, you think I would like this book and I am willing to give Byatt another chance.

    *waves* Talk to you soon!

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