Bloggiesta Tags vs Categories

Beth Fish Reads is hosting a mini-challenge explaining this topic and you can click on this sentence to go read her post.

I have a dilemma but also want to take time to think about the best way to address this issue of tags and categories. I have too many categories. I want to limit or refine my categories but don’t quite know how.

For example, HUNTING DOGS. I have a category called HUNTING DOGS but I would prefer it just to be DOGS. I have this category so that I can quickly find posts that feature my dogs. Sure, my dogs happen to be of a hunting dog breed but so what? It is not relevant, really. But I find that I cannot change it.

I hoped I could just edit the category just to DOGS but it keeps switching it back. I will try one more time to see if sticks…

YES!  So, I created a new tag DOG and then looked for all my posts that I had categorized with HUNTING DOGS and edited it by unchecking HUNTING and checking DOGS and…

WA la!  It seems to have worked.

Now I have to wonder if my FAMILY tag category is a bit redundant. I seem to check this when I post pics of my dogs…


This is ONE tedious task.

SO, let me explain my tags!

I do not have a problem with tags and I fully realize that I do not utilize tags in the recommended SEO-optimizing (redundant, I know) way. I like to be chatty in my tags and count Jenny of Jenny’s Books as my inspiration. Her tags are AWESOME.

Tags are supposed be utilized more like sub-categories from what I can gather from the techie sites attempting explanation. But I do my own thing. I don’t care about search optimization nor attracting high traffic. I like my little amusing corner of the blogosphere and if you find yourself here and enjoy yourself, hurrah. I doubt it was any tag that got you here but I do hope ‘tag amusement’ might encourage you to come back by another time.

Happy Categorizing and Tagging!

Thanks to Jessica over at the Bluestocking Society, I now know the code behind these stars:  ★ & ☆


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14 thoughts on “Bloggiesta Tags vs Categories

    1. Oh no! I can see how that might appear to be a problem but I doubt anyone gave it a second thought and just marked READ ALL for you and waited another day. No biggie.

      However, your saying that and how many times I just edited this post, I probably polluted my entry in everyone’s Reader. OH WELL.

  1. Oh, I’m so glad you solved the “hunting dogs” puzzle!
    Also, I am sure you are using tags exactly as they are meant by WP: we already have categories and subcategories, so tags must be more on the whim. You are doing much better than me in that sense!
    And, don’t worry: I have your blog in GReader, and only received this post one time and no other suspicious activity, so go on and sort out the rest of the categories if you want!
    Happy Bloggiesta!

    1. Beth Fish did the hard research. I care only about how useful my categories are for me to find my own stuff! and to help with year end organizing.

  2. Sorry I missed your tweet earlier! Only just saw it in my email after I signed off of Twitter. I’ve been trying to be better about tags, lately. Will have to check out Beth Fish Reads on the subject. Tomorrow!

    1. Aha! YOu’re one of those tweeters who tweet and leave without waiting for a response!! Actually, that’s not always a bad idea…. 😀

      1. No, I’m a tweeter who forgets to look for direct messages even when I’m signed on. Need to get a Twitter app. I used to use Twitterific and then they updated to a newer system than I was running. 😦

        1. I’m constantly hitting the CONNECT check or whatever it is that tells if someone has mentioned me… My phone and iPad will ping noise at me to tell me I have a tweet, but otherwise, I don’t have any app. I get too confused which one is best.

  3. I was working on my tags and then got so bored I gave up. NOW I find this and find that I need to keep working at it and from an entirely different direction. I just wish there were an easier way!

  4. The tag/category issue is a tricky one for me too. I tend to keep my categories VERY BROAD, and then put all of the detail in tags. I think, with your examples, I might have a category for family, and tags for “dogs” and/or “hunting dogs.”

    Thanks for the star mention too. And Happy Bloggiesta!

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