Bloggiesta : Last Friday of March 2012

My first order of business for this first Bloggiesta

will be…

√√ 1.  Take nap. Done. (Friday) And another one Saturday.

Happy Blog Improvement-ing!

Well, I keep fiddling with this so maybe I will post a few more TO-DOs that I will copy and repaste from my first post and then we can nap to gain more energy for the festivies… (and then Mr.Linky this at Suey’s blog which you can get to by clicking on PEDRO above.)

√  1) go find the post I wrote in January that wondered when Bloggiesta was going to happen so I can find what I said THEN about what I want to do and add it to this list. – see #5

√ 2) Update my alpha listing of reviews. DONE!

√ 3) Add to my year 2012 book tracking spreadsheet.

X 4) maybe write up little mini-reviews of any DNFs from last year or not-yet-finisheds from this year so far.

√ 5) revisit the template choices to see if I can find a) changeable header b) tags at the end of the posts c) click to comment at end of posts, and d) clean noncluttered look.

√  6) add a SUBSCRIBE-to-this-via-EMAIL button?  (I did this earlier this week!  Yay me.)

√ 7) read through all the how-tos and mini-challenges. (Tags & Categories, Five Ways to Freshen up a Review)

√ 8) update challenge page.

√ 9) have fun.

√?  10) Check on difficulty issues that non-WPers seem to be having with commenting. Does anyone know if it has been addressed?  Are people still having problems?  ADDED at request to email me if having problems commenting – thanks to Leeswammes!

√ 11) Write Cloud Atlas thoughts. – Posted 3/31/12

√ 12) Read through the BAND posts I’ve missed lately. Added a link in my blogroll for the BAND…

13) Bake a SuperBerry pie and post on tumblr.

14) Visit category philosophy here  √ and in

√ 15) “Prettify” (format) my book club book list.


Copyright © 2007-2012. Care’s Online Book Club. All rights reserved. This post was originally posted by Care from Care’s Online Book Club.  It should not be reproduced without express written permission.

18 thoughts on “Bloggiesta : Last Friday of March 2012

  1. Great list! I want to add a “subscribe to my blog with email” button – might I request your help if I need it?

    Love the bake a Superberry pie goal!

    I am getting Cloud Atlas back from my friend on Monday and cannt wait to read it. I hope you enjoyed it.

    Have fun with Bloggiest stuff!

    1. Yay! That’s what’s fun abt letter-writing when you know more about the penpal – I can send quick meaningful encouragements.

      I am getting WAY more than I expected. VERY successful Bloggiesta – and you’ve got great participation. GREAT JOB Suey & Danielle!

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