We Still Need to Talk About Kevin

More thoughts on  We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver.

I read this book on the recommendation of Lisa of Books on the Brain. She said she needed to talk about this with someone. I got it from the library.

Here’s what I said in a post titled ‘BOOKS!‘ back on December 11, 2007:

Now, I’m fully into We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver. I was almost turned OFF enough by the first few pages that I was tempted to pass and begin instead on The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman.   

I really do not believe that anyone would write letters in such a style – so intellectually ‘wordy’ – to an ex husband. NO ONE I know would write like that! And, therein lies the point. I probably just don’t know enough people well enough to know how they would write to an ex-husband. Keep going, Care,  keep reading. 

I yap further on the ‘insensible UN-MAKE-SENSE-ABLE actions’ and offer a great quote, as well.

Then I wrote in a post titled “Computer is Down‘, dated December 14, 2007:

I did finish We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver.   wow.  

Which I got taken to task for by Lisa. So I wrote another post ‘Explain the Wow’, dated December 15, 2007:

(You really might want to click on that post and read the whole thing…)

Ah…    and the reason I gave only a ‘wow’ – and it was a subdued, “OH MY GOD! …   huh.   eek.   goodness.   All I can say is…   (pause)   


To say more would give a lot away?!

I attempted to expound,

‘wow’ was sad with only a stunned calm sadness.

and also added,

a ‘wow’ for skill on the author’s part.

and agreed with Lisa and Trish that this book begs to be discussed, out loud, in conversation, face to face.

You can read Lisa’s review here and/or Trish’s review here. (and the many more at Fyrefly’s book blog search. Lisa and Trish were my blog-buds way back in the day and they commented on THE post, so I thought it appropriate to let you quickly find their thoughts on this horrific book.)

My bookclub, THE BOOKIES, meets this Wednesday to talk about Kevin and I expect it to be fraught with emotion. KB asked me about the box and I don’t remember a box! Maybe I put it out of my mind? I did not want to reread this book so I am glad I revisited my blog posts. I am grateful I have been blogging my thoughts on the hundreds of books I’ve read since 2007!  wow.  (A happy ‘wow’.)


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19 thoughts on “We Still Need to Talk About Kevin

  1. I heard mixed reviews of this one. I have it on my TBR list (not shelf) so I don’t forget about it, but I’m still debating whether I’ll read it.

  2. Can you believe you’ve been blogging this long?!

    Man, I don’t think I’d go back and read it again either. I do want to read other books by her, though…

  3. Yikes–do I want to read this one? I’ve heard SO much about it but I don’t know ANYTHING about it (which is the way I like it going into a book).

    Your post from 2007 is quite impressive. I’d like to scourge my blog of any posts pre-2010. Or 2011. Or 2012. 😉

  4. I haven’t read anything by this author yet but plan to this year because I have heard so much about how great a writer she is. I want to read this book before I see the movie. Aside from the rather formal style of writing the letters this book sounds powerful and tough to forget about once you read it.

    Kind of like ‘Wow’!
    I’ll have to find someone to discuss the book with when I read it. I love discussing books anyway and you and others stress that this is a book that begs to be talked about.

  5. Well, the wow for the author’s skill is a positive. I’ve got her next book in my stacks. Not sure I’ve ever been all that interested in this particular book, though. I recall when it came out and a bunch of my online book friends were reading it. It didn’t appeal to me, for some reason too far back in the past to recall.

        1. Hey, it’s been a crazy week. With more ideas of what I want to do that doesn’t jive with what I have to do.

  6. Can. Not. Get my book club to read this one…and they don’t know the half of it! Such a stunning book. Since I can’t make them read this one, I’m making them read another Shriver book because I think that everything she writes has a lot to talk about.

    1. Well, one of my clubbers was most annoyed at the vocabulary. She said she almost sprained her finger on her kindle looking up definitions. I agree, she is a bit too intellectual and I honestly do not think I ever want to read anything else by her.

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