Bloggiesta to Inspire

Bloggiesta is coming, Bloggiesta is coming!! March 30th thru April 1st!

 Meet PEDROPlan. Edit. Develop. Review. Organize.

Our hosts this year are Danielle and Suey. Danielle’s blog can be reached by clicking on the button of Pedro above and the sign up is at Suey’s It’s All About Books (click here!)

Here’s my list of what I hope to accomplish:

1) go find the post I wrote in January that wondered when Bloggiesta was going to happen so I can find what I said THEN about what I want to do and add it to this list.

2) Update my alpha listing of reviews.

3) Add to my year 2012 book tracking spreadsheet.

4) maybe write up little mini-reviews of any DNFs from last year or not-yet-finisheds from this year so far.

5) revisit the template choices to see if I can find a) changeable header b) tags at the end of the posts c) click to comment at end of posts, and d) clean noncluttered look.

6) add a SUBSCRIBE-to-this-via-EMAIL button?

7) read through all the how-tos and mini-challenges.

8) update challenge page.

9) have fun.

What about YOU?  Have any blog-tasks to cross of the to do list?  Will you be joining us?


Copyright © 2007-2012. Care’s Online Book Club. All rights reserved. This post was originally posted by Care from Care’s Online Book Club.  It should not be reproduced without express written permission.

12 thoughts on “Bloggiesta to Inspire

  1. I cannot wait for Bloggiesta! I have a long list of things I want to do but lately I’ve been thinking more and more about using it to make the switch from Blogger to WordPress while I have a wealth of knowledge ready to help. One big thing or a lot of smaller tasks, that is the question.

    1. I love WordPress even with its few warts. It still seems miles above the stuff I expect you deal with in Blogger. Spamcatcher alone is worth it!
      I never converted between platforms but many people have. GOOD LUCK and I would be happy to share what I do know, little that may be.

    1. My copyright at the bottom of each post – when I remember – is something I cut&paste into each and every post because I cant’ get the template in WordPress to work. I’ve gotten in the habit so it’s not a big deal but it WOULD be nice to learn how to have it automatically added. I can certainly give you the html code, though. 🙂

    1. I don’t even remember what a favicon is.

      I feel horrible that I can’t host a mini-challenge or anything because I’m in my own little bloggy-bubble doing what I do and not even knowing how I do it. Every time somebody asks me something techie, I go blank.

  2. I was glad to see your name on the list of participants! I just signed up for Bloggiesta and put catching up on Google Reader on my to-do list. Hope that’s not cheating, but I haven’t been keeping up with your blog or my other favorites lately, so I need to make the time somehow.

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