Monday Malaise

Perhaps, a better title would be Monday Musings

malaise |məˈlāz; -ˈlez|
A general feeling of discomfort, illness, or uneasiness whose exact cause is difficult to identify : a society afflicted by a deep cultural malaise | a general air of malaise.
ORIGIN mid 18th cent.: from French, from Old French mal ‘bad’ (fromLatin malus) + aise ‘ease.’

Musings would be much more positive, or less dismaying, wouldn’t you agree? It’s just that I didn’t get any new books so I can’t do a “Monday Mailbox” and I really wanted to post something.

So, what I do have for you today is a question. I am about 10 pages away from the half way point in the Readalong of Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell.  Do I stop and write up my post which will be published HERE on Friday, March 16? or do I take a break and go back to 1Q84 (Book 3 is waiting) – or – Read the second of A.S.Byatt’s double novella Angels & Insects? Do I do a review of the first novella?

Or fill up my blog with random things?

Or announce BLOGGIESTA?  (Yes, I will do that. This week. It’s scheduled for the last weekend of this March, by the way.)

Or _____(fill in the blank)__________? (Feel free to suggest something in the comments.)



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15 thoughts on “Monday Malaise

  1. I want the fill in the blank option. Filled in with “share your favorite pie recipe”! Does that mean I should check the “write fluffy posts” box? Somehow that feels wrong–pie is serious, if oh-so-yummy, business. 🙂

  2. I voted for the Byatt, because I *loved* the second novella in that collection!!! (At least, I think it’s the second; the one about the naturalist with lots of moths and butterflies.)

    1. Oh yes! is it? so far – the first 5 pages or so are about seances; a widow who is not sure her husband lost at sea is TRULY gone so she consults the spirit world but they never get his voice right? too fun.

  3. OH yes–I agree with Debi. Favorite pie recipe. And glad that Trisha noted the tags. Ha!

    I’m on page 56ish. I probably could have read a bit more last night but watched Episode two of Downton Abbey instead. I blame all of you lot for getting me interested in the show (not sure if you watch, that you was a general you for the lot of book bloggers gushing about DA on Twitter). 🙂

    Think I’m going to concentrate on finishing Love in the Time of Cholera before I read anymore Cloud Atlas, though. That 20 pages is really bothering me…

  4. I have made it past the first section of Cloud Atlas. Hallelujah. I think I might take this to Tucson, so when I’m captive on the plane with nothing else to do, I can get some major reading in!

    I should be reading 1Q84 with you…at the rate I’m going, the darn thing will be out in paperback before I get to it.

    1. If by ‘reading 1Q84’ you mean putting a bookmark in where you last read and the put back on the shelf, then sure, join in!

      It looks like I will continue with the Byatt for my mid-Cloud Atlas break and write some fluffies. 🙂

    1. Darn, I just don’t have time to squeeze in Possession this month.
      I just remembered I have a book to pick up from the library – something poetry.

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