Poetry for February

Today is the last day of the month and that means…


Kailana has the sign in, or will?  And Lu is the other co-conspirator to make the last day of every month a celebration of poetry.

I thought about copying down a few Tennyson poems that were featured in the Byatt novella I just finished late last night, Morpho Eugenia (so good!) but. I’m not sure where I put the book. *lookingaroundroom*

THEN, I had the brilliant idea to go google for Leap Day poems but wasn’t inspired.

So, then I went and did some chores and am right now avoiding other chores and sat down to see if I could compose anything myself,with my poet-hat on. I do my best poetm-writing when I just sit and see what pops into my head.


I wish, I wish upon a star

But then wonder, can I do that?

It’s daylight, no stars in the sky at the moment,

And I’m obviously borrowing a line from someone else’s poem,

Is that stealing?

What is my wish?

World peace, I toast; I wish for cheerfulness and kindness.

I wish for easy decisions and less hassles,

Realizing immediately that my first world problems are silly.

Silliness but they are my sillinesses. My world.

Silly should be reserved for giggles and frivolity

not judging the quality of petty problems, anyway.

I wish I could find a swing and sail into the sky,

the sunny daytime starless sky.

Well?  How’d I do? Happy February Poetry Day!


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