Saturday Snapshot

Alyce of At Home With Books hosts a meme called Saturday Snapshot; this is my first time to participate.

Awhile back, Jenners informed me that I was required by the Blogger’s Handbook to post about my prom. Thought the time was right for me to share. Enjoy. I am hiding the identity of the guy we shall henceforth refer to as “Steve”.

I hated prom.  H.A.T.E.D. Prom. The whole concept of prom, the whole idea of prom, the whole ‘gotta find a freakin’ date for prom, prom crap.

Do I look like I’m enjoying myself?  I wasn’t.

I hated my dress. I was embarrassed that I felt I had to go. I didn’t want to go. I hated that I was peer pressured into actually going to prom because I didn’t have the guts to (be goth and) NOT go to prom. (not that ‘goth’ was around in 1983 Kansas; I was a “good girl”.)

My mother made that horrid hot pink mess of a nasty dress. Keep in mind that in 1983, the Gone-With-the-Wind hoop skirts were “in”.

I’m getting all worked up just writing about this.

Steve was a boy I knew from church who went to a different high school and was nice enough to go to prom with me when I asked him. I took him to a nice restaurant – he drove, I paid – and we attended PROM.  It was at the school.  I have no idea what the theme was.

I was home by 11 pm.

THAT was my prom.

The next time I attended a formal-dance-like event was with my husband – we were only dating then – in my 5th year of college, at a sorority formal.  I never attended ANY of my sorority (or anybody else’s) formals until I was an “Alum’.

My husband was my first boyfriend.

I’m still married to my first boyfriend; twenty-three years and counting.

Am I done now?  Did I fulfill the Blogger’s Handbook obligation, Jenners?!?


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35 thoughts on “Saturday Snapshot

    1. Not sure if anyone is really in charge. You might be able to get away with it. But me? I’m an OCD rules follower. I’d jump off a bridge and stand on my head if all the kids were doin’ it.

  1. Thanks for sharing your photos! I don’t have any of my old prom photos because I tossed all the old boyfriend pictures when I got married. 🙂 I got dumped halfway through my first prom (the guy ran off with one of my girlfriends) and had a hair disaster at my second prom, but the guy was nice so at least there’s that. 🙂 I’m so glad that period of my life is over!

  2. Yeah, I am NEVER posting my pictures from prom. I would like to forget it existed. Actually, a lot of what you said I could easily say about mine. I did break the rules, though… Long dresses were in style and you couldn’t see my shoes, so I wore sneakers. My friends were complaining their feet hurt and people were coming over and asking to see if I really was wearing sneakers… lol

    You know, one picture that does not exist is of my shoes…

  3. I never went to high school prom. My friends and I had an “anti-prom” Junior and Senior year, hanging out and watching movies with attractive men in them. I think it was probably much more fun! And we spent one afternoon at the mall trying on formal dresses we knew we weren’t going to buy–that was great fun too.

  4. Your obligation is fulfilled. I hereby grant you immunity from posting other formal wear photos. : )

    Wow .. that is pink. I almost get a headache looking at it.
    You do look like you are having a good time though. (Sorry … you must be a good actress.)

    Love the smiley face — I should have done that!

    And I think it is amazing and wonderful and romantic that you are still married to your first boyfriend! That is a rare and wondrous thing!

  5. Aw! Is there a rule about talking about prom? I have never talked about prom because it was…not that interesting. I’m always a little surprised when people say they had an amazing time at their proms. The, like, one time someone ever told me that. :p

  6. High School – what a dreadful time. My mother never has understood why I skipped my senior prom to go visit my boyfriend (now husband of 29 years) at college because he refused to attend another high school prom.

    There are many parts of high school I would like to forget, so probably won’t be posting any prom pics any time soon.

    But thanks for sharing yours – what a great story.

  7. Is prom ever smooth sailing for anyone? At the time, I thought my dress was lovely, but of course now.. I see it as the horrifying garment that it was. The only good thing is that I looked like a bride and so the bartender served me. LOL. Good thing or bad? I swear, I was a good girl. LOL.

  8. As much as you hated it, I’m glad you still shared. That dress is PINK! I love that you married your first boyfriend. My husband and I started dating in high school and 9 years later we got married. It’s funny to think of the “high school sweetheart” cliche, but it’s sweet too.

  9. Oh Care. This post is SO sad, but I couldn’t help but laughing at it. You can’t laugh now?? My prom was OK. I went with my best friend who had a big crush on me but is now of a different orientation, BUT I did love my dress. LOVED IT. Other than that every dance I attended in high school pretty much sucked. 😉

    Must check out this Bloggers’ Handbook of Jenners’

    1. hee hee – no, I’m alright about it now. I am sad that I was so mean about that dress. Just threw in some good angst just the give the story some flavor.

  10. Oh no – now I’m wondering if I should have talked my daughter into going to prom this spring! I keep telling her that she’ll regret it if she doesn’t but now I’m wondering if she’ll regret it if she does. To be fair, though, a girl doesn’t have to have a date any more so that stress is off if you can find a group of girls to go with, which she has. Also, the post-prom events are so much fun for the kids these days. Did you guys have The Picture Man at your prom?

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