Fire Season

Another from Nancy!  (read her thoughts on this memoir –>here<–)

My Thoughts  Fire Season by Philip Connors, ecco – an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers 2011, 248 pages

Tradeback ARC – a gift from Nancy the BookFool; Nonfiction: Memoir, Wilderness Management (and oxymoron?)

“The creation of “managed wilderness” is one of our culture’s fundamental paradoxes, and defining why we value it, and how we ought to relate to it, will remain an unfinished project.” -p.133

What kind of person takes the job of being way off-road watching for fire? Read this book and find out. Some of the negative reviews made it sound like Mr. Connors was narcissistic and only wanted to hear himself spout witticisms about nature along with the true greats of literature who did the same. I didn’t find that at all. I really liked the guy and was impressed with his use of language and what he chose to share in way of fire history, lands management history, the wild west, thoughts and experiences of famous writers who also spent time as lookouts, current and future issues with ecology, personal stuff, and well, stuff. I enjoyed every bit of it. He eloquently conveys sense of time and space and the din in his head and the absence of such.

“Time shapes itself around me in that silence, shape-shifts from mistress to shade, caressing and haunting by turn.” -p.33

If I thought he was on Apache Peak Lookout right now, I would write him a letter for this month’s challenge!  (I don’t think he is there, though.) I almost sent the form email to recruit him to log on. But I didn’t. Somehow, I feel that he has already contemplated it and said no, not his style.

 Watch this video:  Philip Connors Lookout

So if you like your memoirs to have personality, history, plenty of miscellaneous facts on a particular subject the author is passionate about, and/or have interest in the United States forest lands, I would recommend this one.

Finally, a FIVE STAR read after some enjoyable but not earth-shattering experiences. I loved this one and was impressed on every facet.

“Sunset brings colors to make a man tremble, colors without names – names would only defile such colors. I sit in the tower mute as a stone.” -p.237



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9 thoughts on “Fire Season

  1. I’m so thrilled that you loved this book as much as I did!! Is a 5-star read a full pie? Your tags made me laugh, as always. Yes, I do have too many books. No, you don’t owe me any. But, if you decided not to keep this one, feel free to send it back. I haven’t managed to acquire a hardback, yet. I will, but this stupid book-buying ban my husband’s put me on is really putting a crimp in my style!!!!

    “Watch that first step. It’s a doooozy!”

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