Thoughts  BossyPants by Tina Fey, Hachette Audio? (Can’t figure out from my downloaded files where to find all this information.)

updated: 5 hours and 35 minutes…

AudioBook via Audibles FREE download for 2 wk trial onto my iPad, Nonfiction: memoir, humor.

This was only a bit better than just OK for me. I enjoyed many parts and laughed a lot and admire Ms. Fey for her attitudes and gumptions.


Please, for a terrific review, DO visit Trish at Love,Laughter&Insanity or explore the very many reviews found at Fyrefly’s blogosphere search.


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19 thoughts on “BossyPants

    1. This is going to sound odd but I feel like I should be DOING something when I listen to an audio but if I do DO something, I seem to miss something she says and … It just wasn’t the best listening situation and I am taking it out on the material instead, I think.

      I have a friend who says she loves to read but feels guilty she isn’t ‘doing something’ when she sits down with a book. Crazy, huh? but it is similar. Just something to get used to and allow to be transported, no thinking of what I should better be doing.

    1. Good – it really was enjoyable stuff; I don’t mean to make it sound like it wasn’t funny or anything. Three stars does mean I LIKED IT, but we all seem to want over-the-top love too often, maybe.

  1. Uh oh, I have this waiting for me at the library on audio. Loved your tags, though!

    What fully won me over to audiobooks was an iPod and getting over my earbud phobia. I listen while I cook, load the dishwasher, fold laundry, and do (minimal, I admit) housecleaning. No longer tied to one place to listen! Also, a long commute helped, because in the car is the other place audiobooks really shine. No more wasting time just driving!

    1. Yes, you have heard my dilemma! I have had some lovely audiobook experiences – mostly in the car with long driving times. Until I get that iPod, I’m stuck reading real books, methinks. But I do hope to get there – and before the lawnmowing days are here.

  2. I stand by my theory that one must be a fan of 30 Rock to enjoy this one. Maybe not but it does seem that people either love or are “meh” about this one.

    And yes–definitely need some type of mp3 player for audiobooks. :-/

  3. Love your tags! I am not an audiobook girl, although we do have a speaker system in our house, now, so I suppose I could listen to audiobooks while cleaning house, if I could figure out how to get them loaded into the Sonos system. Like you, I feel like I have to be doing something — driving, cleaning, whatever. However, I know I’m weird in this, but I don’t like being read to. I like radio programs in the old-fashioned sense, with people playing roles (like they still do at BBC Radio 4) but most narrators annoy me. I’ve found very few who can do a decent job with the variety of voices in dialogue. Picky, picky.

  4. ACK! I keep having problems leaving you a comment!!

    First, I love your tags. Half the book review is in them!! : )

    Second, I had trouble finding the PDF for the audio too. Then, when I found it, I couldn’t remember what she said about them. Still, it was nice of her to try and include them.

    Third, it was a fun fluffy listen — perfect accompaniment for doing housework!

  5. Too bad this wasn’t better for you! I love Tina Fey so much, I wanted everyone to love everything related to her. But comedy books are difficult to sustain, I’ve noticed (that…is why I have not read Bossypants myself), so I am sad but not surprised.

  6. I’ve had such a backlog of audiobooks ever since we moved. It turns out I did a lot more cleaning at the old place. In this much smaller condo, there’s not that much to clean – and I only seem to listen to new books on audio when I can multi-task! (I listen to rereads in audio when I’m working but it’s not the same thing …)

    I have Bossypants in audio and I enjoyed the parts I listened to. But I stopped somewhere in the middle and haven’t felt like going back to it yet …

  7. There were parts in the middle that were just okay for me. It was really when she talked about SNL & 30 Rock that I loved it, but I am a fan of both shows.
    Alec Baldwin is great on 30 Rock!

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