The Shower Curtain Art Post

The post you’ve all been waiting for…

When I first moved to New England and we were in decorating mode; I wanted a shower curtain to match my bathroom color scheme. I looked at all the major retail stores and some minor ones but nothing captured the colors I was envisioning. So I went online.

Sometimes, shopping online can be even more tedious and obscure than finding something in a store. Until I found a website promising custom order options. I was VERY excited.

But first, I must back up and tell you a story.

One time long ago, I went to one of those charity-fundraiser house tours of fancy homes in Bellevue Nebraska. One of the more awesome and luxurious places had a theme to ALL the bathrooms – and I think there were at least eight. The theme was…



oooo     (wait for it)



Each bathroom or powder room featured nude art.

Either a painting or a sculpture, usually quite tasteful and my friend Katrina and I thought it hilarious. We, too, wanted naked people in our bathrooms!

So I hired b.mclane to paint me a shower curtain using my requested colors. I can’t get a better photo because the size of the room is tiny.

Either click on the photo — we named our nude “Doris” — or click here –>, and you can get your very own cool shower curtain, too.


OK, that is all. Carry on.

I need to do a review of BossyPants by Tina Fey and Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea by Charles Seife and soon will have finished Fire Season by Philip Connors so must prep that post, too. I’ve got physical therapy for my back and a visit to a friend planned later. What fun things do you have to do today?

Tulips! Hub brought me some bulbs back from Amsterdam in January.


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27 thoughts on “The Shower Curtain Art Post

    1. Doesn’t she? At one of our first neighborhood parties and I was giving a tour, I always shove the guest in the bathroom and say “Meet Doris!” but one of my nieghbors burst into laughter because her mother’s name is Doris and well, it was funny. Maybe you have to have been there…

  1. And here I didn´t even know this was what I was waiting for 🙂

    Fun things today: well, yesterday I was so disappointed that I wasn´t allowed to use the cover photo I had fallen for. Today I went in search of some gorgeous, red shoes for my anthology. You must admit that is fun.

    1. Oh, I mentioned it as my favorite piece of art in a post somewhere last week, I think. 😉

      DARN about the cover you chose not working out but best wishes that you find the perfect one for the anthology.

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