The Shower Curtain Art Post

The post you’ve all been waiting for…

When I first moved to New England and we were in decorating mode; I wanted a shower curtain to match my bathroom color scheme. I looked at all the major retail stores and some minor ones but nothing captured the colors I was envisioning. So I went online.

Sometimes, shopping online can be even more tedious and obscure than finding something in a store. Until I found a website promising custom order options. I was VERY excited.

But first, I must back up and tell you a story.

One time long ago, I went to one of those charity-fundraiser house tours of fancy homes in Bellevue Nebraska. One of the more awesome and luxurious places had a theme to ALL the bathrooms – and I think there were at least eight. The theme was…



oooo     (wait for it)



Each bathroom or powder room featured nude art.

Either a painting or a sculpture, usually quite tasteful and my friend Katrina and I thought it hilarious. We, too, wanted naked people in our bathrooms!

So I hired b.mclane to paint me a shower curtain using my requested colors. I can’t get a better photo because the size of the room is tiny.

Either click on the photo — we named our nude “Doris” — or click here –>, and you can get your very own cool shower curtain, too.


OK, that is all. Carry on.

I need to do a review of BossyPants by Tina Fey and Zero: The Biography of a Dangerous Idea by Charles Seife and soon will have finished Fire Season by Philip Connors so must prep that post, too. I’ve got physical therapy for my back and a visit to a friend planned later. What fun things do you have to do today?

Tulips! Hub brought me some bulbs back from Amsterdam in January.


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