That Eclectic Eccentric New Mom Tagged Me!

I’ve been tagged by Ms. Trisha at Eclectic-Eccentric.  Here goes.

1 You must post the rules.
2 Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and then create eleven new questions to ask the  people you’ve tagged.
3 Tag eleven people and link to them on your post.
4 Let them know you’ve tagged them!
Questions from Trisha and my answers
1. What is your favorite piece of art?
My favorite piece of art in my house is totally original — the shower curtain that I had commissioned. Will show in a followup post (not in the mood to take photo, upload, blahblahblah. Do remind me if I forget! But I won’t because I want to put on Pinterest anyway, so I can throw the artist some exposure.)
2. What literary character do you think would make an awesome world leader?
Enzo the dog from The Art of Racing in the Rain.
3. What color do you think should be outlawed from clothing?
None. I love color and the right to self-expression. 
4. Hats. Yes or no? YES!!  I love hats.
5. What contemporary novel should be added to the high school curriculum?
The Book Thief by Markus Zusak because it is awesome. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami because it is odd.
6. What book featuring real people do you think could work if the characters were switched to animals?
Rebecca by Daphne duMaurier.
7. Genetically designed humans. Hell yes or absolutely not?
Nah. I say no.  
8. What book would you like to see get parodied a la Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?
Anna Karenina?  (Did you know that Jude Law and Kiera Knightley are making a movie this year of AK?!?!!)
9. What book would you absolutely hate to see get parodied?
Can’t think of anything…   Hmm… Pondering… uh…
10. TV. Awesome source of entertainment or horrifying time suck?
11. What literary character should immediately jump off the page and into your bed?
Sherlock Holmes aka Robert Downey Jr.
MY QUESTIONS for 11 Bloggers NOW TAGGED by ME (with zero pressure – do if you want, I totally get it if you don’t want to.)
1.  Tell me about any letters you’ve written lately to a friend just for the heck of it?
2. Do you have a favorite beer?
3. If you ever write a book (or if you have), which genre would it be/is it?
4. What is your favorite dish to cook?
5. Didn’t Trisha ask some awesome questions?
6. How would you have answered her No.9?
7. Do you have a favorite number?
8. Tell me a nonfiction book idea subject that you think I should write a book on because there isn’t one already?
9. Did you like my answers to No. 5 for book that should be H.S. curricula?
10. Red or white?
11. Would you be embarrassed to receive a postcard with artwork by Dali? ya know – the erotic variety?  I have some if you want one. I’m kinda embarrassed to send.
TAGGED!    Aths, Vasilly, LaurieC, Kailana, BermudaOnion, Ti, Sheila, Amused, Nancy, Dorte, and Anna – all of you have commented lately (at the time I wrote this post) and as far as I can tell, have not already been tagged.  Really – whatever. If you need a post idea, I’m giving you one, if not – no biggie.  🙂   But if you do feel the fun to play along, come tell me because I can’t get my google-alert to work – the one that is supposed to tell me when somebody links to me?  I fails to catch 90%. Thanks. 😀


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31 thoughts on “That Eclectic Eccentric New Mom Tagged Me!

  1. You commissioned a shower curtain? I can’t wait to see that. I’ve seen more than one person mention that The Book Thief should be taught in schools. I think they have written a parody of Anna Karenina.

    1. The Book Thief has WW2 history, interesting creative devices (ie narrator) and is just SO GOOD.
      I am not surprised that AK has been parodied. Parodized?

  2. Wow–a commissioned shower curtain?!!! Every time you open your mouth, I swear I find another reason to leave you at the top of my “Coolest, Most Awesome People Ever” list. 😀

  3. Trisha tagged me too and I keep seeing people answer her questions – I really need to get on it! There are a few I just don’t know how to answer… 😀

    The shower curtain is interesting – can’t wait to see that!

  4. Not lobsters? Oh, now I’m dying to see this shower curtain. I will play, but it might be a couple days.

    I can’t believe you’ve got erotic Dali postcards. You wild thing, you. You’ll get your answer to that when I post. Thanks for tagging me. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve done a meme!!

  5. You and Jenners and I have all chosen animals as world leaders…I’m not sure if I should be worried or just go with the fact that we’re obviously the coolest people ever.

  6. Rather than embarrassed, I would be delighted to expose my mailman to a Dali postcard. I have to confess, though, that I haven’t sent anything back to you in the mail, though, because I can’t find your address–which I think I once had–and haven’t been able to read the last two return addresses scrawled at the top left of envelopes you’ve sent me. Maybe sometime you could send your address to my gmail again?
    I would outlaw wearing black by women who are only doing it because they think it makes them look thinner.

  7. Since I answered the same questions, it was fun to see your answers! I love that we both chose The Book Thief, and had animals as our world leaders. That is pretty darn hilarious. Great minds think alike!!

    And I am very interested to see this shower curtain! It sounds fascinating. I never heard of someone commissioning a shower curtain.

    1. You learn the craziest stuff on the internet, huh? Shower curtain post coming next week. Monday if I can get it all coordinated. PUT ON YOUR CALENDAR! DO NOT MISS!!

  8. Loved your answers and I think that’s pretty bad ass that you’ve commissioned a shower curtain! I’ll get one it and start answering these questions!

  9. I never saw this tag! I guess WordPress didn’t alert me at the time. Didn’t mean to ignore it! I just saw a bunch of stuff on my blog dashboard that I never noticed before, so I don’t know where/if it ever showed up on my old WP blog dashboard.

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