Book Two: 1Q84

Discussion of Book Two of 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami (page 310-594 in hardcover edition.)

I’m not getting into answering any of the questions from my Book One post. I am not giving a status update on where Green Peas and Tengo are now. I’ll just give a brief reaction without spoilers.

I could easily walk away from this book. Here I am just about 600 pages in — only 300+ to go, and I have had over a week away from it.

Will I finish?! Yes. I’m curious. Mildly curious.

Some books come along and you read them and it really doesn’t matter if you *liked* it or not. Just one of those books you are glad you read, just so you can (show off and) say, “Yea, I read that.”  No argument, maybe some discussion, but just glad to be in on the *know*.

Will I change my current rating of three stars to four? Will be so excited to say I read all those pages and then give it a higher rating or will it all come together and I will find it awesome in spite of the accomplishment?

I really do not like chunksters…

I honestly think I could forego finishing and still be satisfied with my imagined ending of Aomame and Tengo finding each other and living happily ever after.

If I don’t get this thing done by March 1, when I begin a readalong of Cloud Atlas, 1Q84 may end up DNF.

I feel like a contrarian.

Any questions?


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10 thoughts on “Book Two: 1Q84

  1. I hate chunksters too! I feel as if the length takes away some of my enjoyment. But if I treat it as a series, maybe I will have some luck with it. I think I will defer my reading of this book to end of the year or something.

  2. Readalong of Cloud Atlas?! Let me know the details–I might be interested if you go slowly enough. 😉

    I wanted to finish Ulysses to say that I did. To brag a bit. Ha! But…IT WAS WRETCHED!!!!

  3. First time visitor here. I need to ask a question about 1Q84.

    The length of the entire book in is 924 pages and 17 lines. If one were to divide that by 3, the quotient would be 308 pages and 5-2/3 lines. How long is Book 1? Exactly 308 pages and 5-2/3 lines. I don’t think this striking fact can be a coincidence. The book has been planned too carefully for that. If it’s not a coincidence, what does it mean? Books 2 and 3 don’t have that pattern. I wonder if the Japanese edition falls out the same way.

    Trish, I have tried Ulysses twice. The second time I got much farther –maybe a third of the way in, or maybe not– and I liked some of it but I decided life is too short and there any too many good books in the world for me to spend time reading something I don’t really enjoy.

  4. I could easily walk away from this book. Here I am just about 600 pages in — only 300+ to go, and I have had over a week away from it.

    Hmmm. I have this on my iPad and have read a little bit of it (not sure how many chapters), but set it aside to read on a long flight in a couple of weeks. It’s been well over a month since I picked it up and I haven’t missed it one bit. I wonder if I should just skip the rest and download Stephen King’s latest. Of course, I have a stack of books to pack as well. A dozen, to be precise. I think I better leave a few behind. I’m only going to be gone 8 days and I doubt I’ll read more than a half dozen.

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